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14 Fragrant Landscape Plants

There are many rules to designing a great landscape.  Many good designers use color, texture, shapes and height to bring a landscape to life. It is the great designer that has the mind to create that extra dimension by catering to your sense of smell. Water features are brought into the landscape to keep your ears occupied while the beautiful colors of the flowers and foliage overwhelm your eyes. The nose however, can smell the beautiful aromas that your landscape can provide, long before your eyes can even see it.

The more senses you bring into the game, the more enjoyable it will be to sit on the patio or relax by the pool. Let’s look at some plants that will help bring that extra dimension to the yard.

Winter Daphne

This plant is beautiful but it is very particular with what it wants. Use rich organic matter when amending the soil and add sand if you are in a clay area. If the soil is acidic then put down some Garden Lime as well. Keep this plant out of the full sun, as this can lead to leaf scorch in warmer climates. This plant not only has beautiful variegated evergreen foliage and incredible fragrant flowers, it blooms in the winter, making this plant unique.


Daphne x burkwoodii is also a great option for fragrant flowers.


Mock Orange

 null Mock Orange Tree

This plant gets its name from its strong aromatic orange blossom smelling flowers. Mock Orange blooms off old growth, set the year before, so pruning needs to be done immediately after flowering.


Sweet Autumn Clematis

 OnlinePlantCenter 2 gal. Sweet Autumn Clematis Plant

This profuse growing vine will climb quickly if given something to grow on. If not given something to grow on, it will grow as a dense groundcover. This plant blooms on new growth so you are safe to prune it in the fall after it is done blooming or in the early spring. This vine can also handle heavy shade and still bloom profusely, although it prefers full sun. Sweet autumn clematis gets its name from the sweet aroma that it puts off when covered in blooms.


This vine is as beautiful as they come. Their woody vines display a brilliant show when dormant and its flowers are equally as brilliant in spring. It is when you plant these plant near things that it can grab onto that the trouble can start. This plant should be tree-formed and planted in the wide open space. Do not let runners run on the ground and prepare to spend a lot of time controlling this plant if you want to have success with it. This tree will grow taller when planted in filtered sun as they have climbed to the top of my neighbors pine trees.

Fragrant Tea Olive

Osmanthus is known particularly for its powerful fragrance despite its unimpressive flowers. This tall growing plant does better in warmer climates and has decent drought tolerance once it is established. It also makes a great hedge or screen.Take a look at our 11 Shade Loving Shrubs.

Confederate Jasmine

This vine is very manageable and when it is in bloom, you will certainly smell it long before seeing it. It is a very fragrant vine and does well on trellis, fences or arbors. This plant is adaptable and will grow in claylike soil or sandier soils. Considered by me to be one of the best outdoor vines for a landscape.

Witch Hazel

This plant tolerates clay and damp conditions, as it usually grows near stream banks.  It can be used as a tall hedge or in a natural area. Witch Hazel’s yellow blooms show up in October through December and are very fragrant. This plant produces a “fruit” consisting of a greenish seed capsule at the same time as it is flowering. These seed capsules turn brown and release the seed the following year. Not only does this plant reseed but it also gets root suckers that will need removing.


This beautiful, extremely fragrant evergreen is a great addition around sitting areas, walkways or entry ways. Gardenias also comes in semi-dwarf varieties like Jubilation, pinwheel, 'Heaven Scent' and Daisy. Check out dwarf varieties like Radicans and Kleim's Hardy.

Himalayan Sweet Box

This plant is known for its very fragrant flowers that bloom in late winter and into the spring. Shiny black fruit (drupes) follow its flowers in spring. This unique evergreen shrub grows well in the shade and gets much wider than it does tall. This plant makes a great groundcover and looks great as a mass planting. This plant is truly unique, as it need little attention once it is planted.

The beautiful, dark green foliage is as impressive as the strong honey-like fragrance that this plant puts off.

Japanese Honeysuckle

Japanese Honeysuckle, Lonicera japonica is also a very invasive vine that is often found in some nurseries and garden centers. It has adapted to be able to survive in full sun and heavy shade. If not controlled, it will grow under and through all of your other bushes, making removal impossible. It is very adaptable to different soil types, showing that this plant is not really safe to plant much of anywhere. This vine is however, very fragrant whenever it is in bloom.

Lilac 'Angel White'


Lilacs are usually considered to be a cooler climate, northern plant but some can come as far south as Georgia. These beautiful plants are known for their overwhelming fragrances and their brilliant colors. Varieties like Sensation, Congo, Primrose and Miss Kim are just a few that will get loaded with gorgeous flowers and whose aromatic smells will take over the outdoors.

Maureen did a great Article on Lilacs not too long ago. Check it out to learn more on this incredible plant.

Korean Spice Viburnum

This plant blooms on old growth so prune right after it blooms. This plant is a slow grower but produces very aromatic clusters of flowers in the Spring. This plant also has brilliant red fall foliage color as well as red berries that fade to black in the fall. This shrub goes well by sitting areas for its fall color and spring smells.

Carolina Allspice, Sweetshrub

This bush has very fragrant flowers and leaves and will do well in moist areas. Fall foliage will turn goldish yellow. Other names include Carolina allspice and strawberry bush.Take a look at our 11 Shade Loving Shrubs. Take a look at our 10 Water Loving Plants.

Summersweet Clethera

Beautiful white flowers attract bees and butterflies. Very fragrant flowers bloom on new growth in mid to late summer. Clethra also has beautiful yellow fall color and is a nice compact growing deciduous shrub. Take a look at our 10 Water Loving Plants.

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