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2-wire Home Circuit

I have an old house with a 2-wire circuit system. How do I connect a 3-wire switch to the two wires in the box?

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Posted 2013-12-25T22:38:06+0000  by belllion belllion

Return the timer and replace it with #49815. SKU 470-906 That timer does not require a neutral.


Unfortunately, It will NOT work with CFL or LED lamps.

Best Answer

Posted 2013-12-26T03:11:50+0000  by Adam444

When you say "2-wire circuit" what exactly do you mean?  There is a hot and neutral but no ground?


When you say "3-wire switch" you mean an ordinary switch and you want to know what to do with the ground screw or you're trying to install a 3-way switch?

Posted 2013-12-25T23:29:24+0000  by Adam444

The switch is single-pole (not 3-way), with a timer function, and has black, white, blue and green wires (green is ground). The instructions are to connect the wires together by color, and it shows a diagram showing black and white on the line side and blue on the load side. But my house wiring has only two wires coming into the box, and the switch I'm replacing has only these two wires connected to it. I don't know which wires go to which on the new switch.

Posted 2013-12-26T02:21:39+0000  by belllion

The wires you're seeing are what's called a "switch loop".  Power comes down from the fixture on one wire, passes through the switch, and then goes back to the fixture.  There is no neutral wire.  Some timers require the neutral, others do not.  What make/model of timer do you have?

Posted 2013-12-26T02:53:11+0000  by Adam444

It's a Defiant Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer, Model No. 469637. It's an automatic switch with a timer to turn off a light fixture at dawn and turn it back on at dusk.

Posted 2013-12-26T03:03:58+0000  by belllion

Thank you for your help.

Posted 2013-12-26T04:16:15+0000  by belllion
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