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2018 February Kids Workshop

Love was all around at the February Kids Workshop! 

The children found their space at the workshop tables and immediately got into the “heart-filled” project! This month’s project is a beanbag toss trimmed with red and pink hearts, complete with little, red, beanbags perfect for tossing by tiny hands!

The hammers began to pound, it took just six nails put the project together, and everyone absolutely loved it! This was a very doable project for all the kids, with just a bit of guidance from their accompanying adult; it took less than a half hour, which made everyone so happy!

The tiny builders filed in and out for hours, aprons were tagged and tied, hammers were passed, glue oozed, stickers were stuck, and smiles were abundant! This tiny project brought out the best in the all of us.

We had a lot of first time builders at the February workshop “This is such a great time” one of the first time moms told me, “so great for the kids, I love Home Depot for doing this” she said “and we can keep the aprons….this is the best”! “We came in for a faucet and now we have a beanbag toss….thank you, thank you,”


The kids really do put their hearts into the projects, the children take pride in the completion of these projects; I can see it in their eyes as they wait for their apron pin and certificate. The adults are very proud of the children’s accomplishments as well; I watch them taking pictures and sending them off to family and friends….they love the special KW time together.

Love grows at the Kids Workshop on the first Saturday of every month at your local Home Depot. Plant a little effort, and watch what grows!



Make a date to bring a little person to the Kids Workshop they will not only build a fun project, they will build self-confidence, they will learn to be independent while co-operating in a fast paced, group setting. The love of tools will take root; “step by step” the kids learn the importance of following instructions, for the success of project completion, and glue….glue will get respect of all its permanent and sticky properties!

I have helped with Kids Workshops for over 20 years and every time that I assist I learn something myself, or I see something that makes me wonder, amazes and astounds me. That moment occurred in this month’s class when a mom…. with what seemed like a million hands…. she arrived following a four year old, holding the hand of a two year old, with a tiny baby strapped to her chest, and as a group, they built two beanbag toss sets…with smiles the whole time!


Loyal and committed are the troops of children and their adults that make their way to the Kids Workshop monthly; “we wouldn’t miss this, we love it, and we schedule our day around the workshop” one very dedicated dad told me.


I believe the Kids Workshop logo should have a heart around it, not just for the month of February, but forever. I know the adults and all the associates involved with the workshops love and enjoy the time; as for the children… they are making projects, but more importantly, they are making memories, that will last within their hearts forever.

Create heart felt memories at your local Home Depot Kids Workshop and enjoy,


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