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24 Flowering Plants That Attract Butterflies

Why is it that the honey bees get all the credit for the cross-pollination of our crops and fruit trees. The fact of the matter is that butterflies help out by going flower to flower spreading pollen also, while not striking fear into innocent onlookers.


The fact is that most flowers attract bees but only specific flowers really attract butterflies. Therefore plant these plants listed below and attract enough bees necessary to get the job done while enjoying your beautiful butterfly filled butterfly garden.


1. Ageratum

2. Allium

3. Aster

4. Bee Balm

5. Black Eyed Susan

6. Butterfly Bush

7. Coreopsis

8. Daylily

9. Dianthus

10. Lantana

11. Lavender

12. Lilac

13. Mexican Petunias

Ruellia perennial

14. Milkweed

15. Pentas

16. Phlox

17. Purple Coneflower

18. Red Hot Poker

19. Salvia

20. Sedum 

21. Shasta Daisy

OnlinePlantCenter 1 Gal. Becky Shasta Daisy Plant

22. Snapdragon

23. Verbena

24. Zinnia

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