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4 Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler In The Summer

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Some tips and tricks to keeping the heat out and the cool in your home during summer. Every year you might think about how to get your home cooler and more comfortable during the summer.


How can we keep our home cooler during the summer months, when the sun is beating down on us? For one thing, let’s think just like we do when we think about winterizing our home. We want to keep the cold out and the heat in right? Let’s do the reverse for summer, let’s close the gaps and keep the heat out.


4 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer:


1. Window Air Loss

Check your windows for air loss, by looking to see if your windows close completely and have a snug fit. If not, you might need to replace old weather stripping or caulking that has cracked or is missing.


2. Window Shades

Check out different styles and shades of window tinting and apply your favorite to keep the heat out. Another way to keep the home inside cooler is to install a roll shade or an awning over that sliding patio window.



3. Ceiling Fans

When running ceiling fans, remember to have the fans turning counter clockwise to keep you cooler during the summer months. This brings the air directly down to you.  



4. Attic Insulation 

Make sure your attic insulation is in good condition, if not, replace. You might want to consider installing a whole house attic fan. This will keep the hot air from being trapped inside your attic. Check the newer offerings of solar powered attic fans.


Take a look at the buying guides for heating and cooling. You will find additional tips to keep you and your family comfortable.

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Posted 2015-06-01T17:59:38+0000  by Ken_HD_OC Ken_HD_OC
Nice tips! I'm sure many people will find this very helpful since summer's here. Keeping our homes cool during summer is a bit challenging but thanks to your tips, many people know exactly how they can deal with this issue without spending a lot.
Posted 2015-06-04T05:55:05+0000  by SallyWilliams
Great tips! As Sally mentioned, theres a lot of spending in the summer on dealing with this issue. Luckily, there are a lot of new services that help you manage your home. My favorite one ( ) tells me what my neighbors are using in terms of bills & services, therefore I can compare and select any of the multiple cheaper alternatives offered by the service. There are many ways to save. Do your research! :) 
Posted 2015-07-08T16:20:13+0000  by elvar10
Great ideas Ken!

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Posted 2015-07-16T13:53:16+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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