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40 v lawn mower won't start but the light comes on the battery is fully charged.

Hello all!

I have the 40V Ryobi 20-inch lawn mower. I was out mowing today and all of a sudden, the mower turned off and wouldn't turn back on. The lights stayed on, but it would not restart. The battery showed one bar left, but just in case, I switched over to the fully charged back up. Still nothing. I flipped the mower over and there was a little grass in the underside, but not enough to block anything. I still cleaned it out and could manually rotate the blade freely. I also pulled out the battery and fuse key and made sure all connections were free of debris. Still the lights came on but the mower wouldn't start. I thought maybe it got too hot and let it sit. Everything is cool to the touch and still, the same issue.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've only had this mower for maybe 2.5-3 months. It likes to turn off randomly while mowing but has always come back on before...

Thanks in advance!
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Posted 2017-07-12T22:49:13+0000  by laforge32 laforge32
Hey laforge32.

Have you tried contacting Ryobi Outdoor Products for help troubleshooting this?

Their phone number is 1800 860 4050 or click on the orange link above. Hit me back up here so I know that you have been taken care of.

Posted 2017-07-13T11:13:18+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
I purchased the 40V Ryobi 20-inch lawn mower last April.  It was a wonderful machine and used it all last year without any issues.  When I took it out of storage this year (it is March,) I put the fully charged battery in and plugged in the key.  The light is on, but the mower will not start.  There is nothing blocking the blade.  I unplugged everything and tried several more times - nothing.  I read in other comments there was a reset button on their key.  I do not have this feature on mine.  Is there another reset button that I am not aware of?  The only repair shop is abut 10 miles away and I really don't want to have to haul this across town.  
Posted 2018-03-25T19:06:52+0000  by pereira65
I have run into the same problem with my 40V 16 inch mower.  The battery shows that it is fully charged, but nothing happens - it won't start.  My key does not have the reset on it as I have read in similar posts.  Machine was fine when put away last fall, cleaned of all debris.  I have wiped the connections for battery and key, to no avail.  It's been a great machine until this!

Posted 2018-05-11T16:44:49+0000  by Grechen
If you have the Ryobi RY40108 model 40v lawn mower there are 4 momentary switches that need to engage for it to fully function.  The squeeze handle and start button are the first two switches then there is one that is mid-handle and the fourth is at the base of the handle where it pivots.  I found the lower one is the switch that if not fully engaged then the lawn mower will only illuminate the lights but the motor will not run.  You may have to clean or replace that switch.  Hope this helps.  
Posted 2018-07-04T19:38:48+0000  by maverick17
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