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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Smart Home

Whether you like new technology or just want more control for the things you own, having a Smart Home is definitely not just another tool to have at your disposal for where you live.

While the Home Depot has over 200+ Smart Home products as of this post, you'll most likely never need to ever use all or even half of them in your lifetime.  

Whether you are tech savvy or just want your irrigation system to turn on a certain time for your garden, knowing and choosng the right products to control what you want in your home is key.

In this post, I will go over 5 reasons why you should consider maybe not having an entire Smart Home, but at least having some products to make your life a lot easier.

1. Control your home from any smart device

Home automation benefits

If you have a smart phone or tablet, then you're already on your way to getting things you need in control at your fingertips!

Every single smart home product sold at the Home Depot today has apps that allow you to control whatever you wish that is powered. 

It's just that simple to have to have the control you desire on the go. Whether you want to check on your pets while you aren't home, or want the lights on before you come home, all of this can be achieved with the smart phone that is within arms reach of you now.

2. Know what You Would Like to Control

User-added image

As I mentioned earlier, you don't have to have every product sold to give yourself a Smart Home, but you can get the right items to get the job done properly.

Not only are prices and availability  are better, you can also choose exactly the right type of device you wish to have total control over. 

While some electronics, like the flat screen TV above have built-in WiFi capability that can go to your smart device for control, others can be purchased in kits, like for home automation or your lighting saves you money in the short and long run.

Homedepot ImageHome depot

Be aware that every smart home device you choose will require a hub to go with it. Think of a hub as the brains and middle-man to rely the information from your smart home item straight to your smart phone.

Homedepot Image

Homedepot Image

As mentioned earlier, some products to have the hub included, but some don't. A vast majority of those that don't that your local Home Depot store sells works by the Wink app and hub. 

To read more about this great hub and system, please click here for more information.

3. Watch Your Energy Bill Lower Each Month

This especially holds true if you place more control on the things in your home that uses the most electricity, namely your lighting, appliances, and central heating and air system.

By placing smart-enabled programmable thermostats like Nest (shown below) and dimming and/or smart controls on your smart device, you can significantly lower your power bill each month. 

This especially holds true for your central heating and air, as that typically consumes half or more of your monthly energy bill if on an entire electric source. 

While it may be a slow decrease, over a years span you can definitely see your energy consumption lower, which leads to the products paying for themselves in a short amount of time.

4. Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Home or Business is Safe

Home depot

Smart Home products also come in a variety of security products designed for the home or business owner.  With greater advances in technology, you can get sleeker and sometimes wireless cameras that you can view straight from your smart phone. 

One of the best that we currently carry is by Canary. It's great for looking after any space when you aren't there, even during the dark.

For more information on this great product, click here

Remember that keeping your home safe and knowing it is without you being there isn't relegated to just a camera. We also carry various forms of Smoke and Co detectors to even door locks that can be controlled when you need them to be.

Home depotHome depot

5. Make your Life with Simple with a Smart Home

On vacation and you forgot to leave the front door lights on the porch? Or do you need to let the kids in but you don't have a spare key and you're still at work?

Having home automation and smart home devices makes your life much easier. This is especially true if you have family, friends, or roommates that need to also control things in your home and you are away. 

A good majority of the apps allow for multiple people to control your smart home from their own devices. So for a household with mismatched time schedules, this makes controlling anything and everything in your home a breeze.

Even social gatherings can be much easier with smart home devices. Take the Amazon Echo. You can control dates, your music, and much more from this extremely handy device. To read more about, please click here for additional info.

While these are just some reasons for getting the control of your home to save time and money, there can be other ones as well. And the Home Depot has products to suit those needs, be it for your irrigation system control or just for detecting leaks in your water heater.

Check out the links and information throughout this post for more information about having a smart home. 

The future is here, and already likely in your hand with your smart phone, so check out these amazing products online and at your local Home Depot store when you can.

For any additional questions, let us know here.


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