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5 Ways To Get Your Grill Ready For Grilling Season


Before the start of grilling season, let’s get our grills ready. Let’s go over our 5 point check list.


1. With the grill turned off, remove the grates. 

Now take the gas tubes and burner off.  You can clean the tubes with soap and warm water. Ensure there are no spiders or spider webs in the tubes, as this will block the burner from lighting. If you see a spider web in the tube, use a narrow nylon or stainless steel brush to remove the web.  Next wipe off the burner using a damp cloth. Dry the burner off and clean gas ports with a toothpick or similar item.

2. Clean with a stiff wire brush

For cleaning the cooking grates use warm water, soap and a stiff wire brush to remove rust and food particles. Ensure you dry the grates thoroughly before replacing them on the grill.


3. Use non-abrasive cleaner

Let’s get to the inside and outside of cleaning our grill. First use a non-abrasive cleaner on the inside and outside of your grill. One non-abrasive cleaner is called Bar Keepers Friend. This product cleans well without scratching or damaging the inside of your grill. If your grill is stainless, you might want to finish cleaning the outside with a stainless steel cleaner. If you have your manufactures manual, check it out for recommended cleaning products.


4. Next you will want to check your propane or natural gas connection.

Be sure there are no obstacles in the way that might block or impede the flow of fuel to your grill. Also check the fuel hose and ensure it is good working order, no nicks, cuts or worn areas. If so, replace.


5. Now make sure all items that were cleaned with soap and water are dry. Replace the burners, tubes and grates back in the grill.

Ensure your propane tank has the latest valve to code. Install the propane tank or connect to natural gas. Remember while cooking, keep your grates hot, and keep them clean.


Let’s get ready for an awesome and safe grilling season. Summer is just around the corner.
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Posted 2016-02-18T16:32:11+0000  by Ken_HD_OC Ken_HD_OC