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A Christmas Wreath

Wreath for Christmas

The first sign that welcomes the Christmas season on most homes is a wreath hung on the front door.  The hanging of a wreath is one of the oldest Christmas traditions. The circle from ancient Celtic times is the symbol of eternity, and everlasting life; a wreath still represents eternal life, eternal love,…no beginning, no end.

The Christmas wreath was originally made of holly branches, the broad leaf evergreen leaves of the holly, thought to be mystical, because the leaves are smooth and sharp and the leaves keep the deep green color all winter long, and the red berries signified the blood of Christ.

Balsam, Fraser and cedar wreath are the most common Christmas wreaths hung on homes today, mixed with pine cones and branches of holly berries the oldest holiday traditon lives on, add a beautiful red or plaid bows to it, oodles of ornaments, wreaths shine, and sparkle! 

The symbolic Christmas tradition is everywhere, wreaths can be seen on pick-up truck grills, on fences, gates, on town center light post, and made of construction paper displayed on classroom windows, welcoming all!

Wreaths may be tiny, or they may be grand, decorated to the max or just plain and simple….the symbol is still the same, eternal peace.

Tis the season, show the sign of welcoming and that of eternal peace, hang a wreath on your door!


Check out this link from the Home Depot Community archives, watch how wreaths are made, and shipped.

Image result for how to hang a wreath on a gravestone

Saturday December 15th is the date for “Wreaths Across America, a day to place a wreath on the graves of our military veterans. The laying of the wreath signifies, never forgotten and eternal peace; simple symbol that says so much.

Peace to all,


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