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A Tale of The (Painter's) Tape

Your local Home Depot's Paint Department always has a wide selection of supplies to help you get your project off the ground.

In the case of painter's tape, we've sold some pretty effective ones to assist in getting crisp clean lines for any painting job you are tackling.

For this post, I'd thought I would demonstrate and give feedback to one of the best & newest painter's tapes we currently sell in store.

The 3M Scotch Delicate Surface Painters Tape is unlike any other version in its class. Below will tell a little more about it, as well as what it looks like. 

Gentle Adhesive. 60-Day Clean Removal.

That's right, it does say up to 60 Day clean removal! For projects where you may need a little more time, this makes it perfect to not rush any painting you'll do. Compare that to the least expensive masking tapes where you'll be lucky to have 5 days for easy removal.

Since the adhesive in its backing doesn't transfer as easily to its surface as masking or other lower grade painting tapes, it makes it perfect for surfaces that could allow for damage like wallpaper or just painted walls.

In my experiences with cheaper (quality and price) tapes, I find that time is against you in terms of making sure it is applied before any adhesive transfers to the surface it is applied upon.

Below is an example of a previous project I did with regular tape. While it works to mask off areas I didn't want to be covered via spray paint, I was limited on time since the low quality of the tape easily will transfer to the wood surface.

So with this in mind, I took a leap of faith and purchased the 3M Scotch Delicate Surface Painters Tape for myself. And here is my tale regarding using it. 

As with anything new product to try out in life, you're met with your own skepticism and cautious approach to using it. I was no exception to this, thinking that this was like other painters tapes I have used before. 

Boy, was I ever wrong!

Using an 18" Pine Round Board like in the project above, I decided to use this tape on a most delicate design, a mandala. 

Not only is the mandala design a thing of beauty, it's also something that is extremely detailed when properly executed.  For this particular project, I decided to use not only the tape, but to cut out the design using a Hobby Knife, and then applying spray paint over everything.

Before I did all of that, I primed and painted the Pine Round Board, which will come through in the final design by way of it's off-white color.

After carefully applying the tape after ensuring the painted/primed surface was dry, I was now onto cutting out my design using rulers, a compass, and small framing square.

At this step, I noticed that tape is about as translucent as any off white less expensive masking tape. This allows to see forms underneath, which is important for projects like this.


After making the designs I wanted, I slowly cut out the tape in places where I wanted to the spray paint to go over the exposed surface. Essentially, I was making a personalized stencil using the delicate surface painter's tape.

Once you have a sharp new blade on your Hobby Knife as well as this tape, you can make really any design or pattern you wish.

Your final design will only be as good as the original layout do you over it first. Using a pencil on top of the tape, but not the actual surface, also acts as a buffer for any changes you wish to make. 

I found the tape was very eraser friendly, provided the pencil is lightly applied on the surface.

Once the pattern was finalized to my liking, I was now ready to move onto the spray painting of it. 

Spraying outdoors and safely, you can paint over the tape using any type you wish. For this project, using the spray paint worked perfectly to use an ombré look to give it many colors in a subtle way. 

The freedom to be truly creative here is knowing that the tape will hold back any unwanted overspray or too much paint. After lightly applying the spray paint and waiting several hours, I was ready to remove the tape to reveal it's design again.

Once you wait at least one hour for the paint to dry, you are now ready to take off the excessive paint. 

Using the Hobby Knife, I carefully removed all the painters tape. Seeing the rewards of your work here is one of my favorite parts of the project. 

Sometimes the design itself looks unique even before all the tape is taken off, like in the picture below!

After removing all the tape, you can now enjoy your new artwork. Since all surfaces are painted using high quality coatings, using any clear top coat is not needed. That means you are ready to enjoy your newest creation to hang on the wall!

For my final review, the 3M Scotch Delicate Surface Painter's Tape was hands-down the best version of tape I've used on a project of this magnitude. The journey to make this mandala was more enjoyable than the final destination of it hanging on the wall. 

Unlike other versions I previously mentioned, I could take my time on the design and execution of painting the surfaces without worrying about the paint bleeding through or the painter's tape failing once the project was nearing completion. 

I'll still reach for the white masking tape or blue painter's tape for certain painting projects, but for creative and unique tasks like this one, I'll be sure to use this amazing tape again!

Every single product and material used in this project save for the compass & metal ruler was all purchased from my local Home Depot store. It kept the costs under budget versus buying them from a nearby (more pricier) art supply store. 

For this great tape or any other painting project questions, please let us know here and we'd be happy to help!


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Posted 2020-04-15T19:48:51+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

I've never liked painting but I can paint pretty well when I have to.  I've also never liked painters tape, at least for most situations.  I've always just found it easier and quicker to cut in with a brush.  A while back I painted the skirt board for a set of stairs with a large landing in the middle.  The lady had the treads replaced with finished oak but the skirt was to be painted.  I used maybe 2' of tape at the bottom because I just couldn't see well enough and it was awkward angle to control the brush.

When I was done the lady asked, "how did you do that?"  "Decaf," I said. <lol>

Posted 2020-04-16T02:20:23+0000  by Adam444
Thank you so much for your stuff.
Posted 2020-06-04T10:17:13+0000  by TerryOrellana
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