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Account locked internally

Have had this issue going onwards one month. Customer service has not been helpful in fixing. Multiple tickets entered with no resolve.

Around beginning of December, used the link on site to 'link' my account with my Home Depot credit card. This began the login issues. Whenever I would attempt to sign onto either account, I would receive the following error: 'We're sorry. There was a temporary technical issue. Please try again later."

Since I also pay my bill online I needed access to my credit card account. But it is also I important I'm in my shopping account to view past orders and tracking. I finally contacted the credit card service. They said the issue was due to me having a different email associated with the store account and the credit card account. They do not recommend the linking function because if any account details are different, it creates an internal lockout. So they were able to reset my credit card account and I was able to finally sign-in there.

However, the store account remains locked and unable to access. I have used Twitter DM, multiple calls to the Custmer Care call number. After four weeks, the issue is still unresolved and have not had any further communication from Home Depot. 

How do I get this fixed? It appears a simple enough issue... reset my store account so I can finally log-in. 
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Posted 2021-01-05T13:36:37+0000  by datadr93 datadr93
Hi dtatdr93,

Call 1-800-466-3337 and ask for Customer Care, they will assist you in resolving your account issues.

Posted 2021-01-07T20:10:01+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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