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Adding stud behind shower wall to reinforce new glass door?

I recently installed a swinging glass tub-shower door by Vigo. I used the plastic anchors that came with the door but I'm concerned that they are not strong enough to hold the door. Since installation it appears that the door is sliding off its anchors (see photos).
One solution I've come across online is to add wood studs behind the wall. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? My building is commercial construction, so the shower half wall (see picture) is built with metal studs. Should I drop 2x4s into the space in the wall and replace the plastic anchors with long screws screwed directly into the wood?
Is there another solution such as anchor studs that would be stronger and would avoid me having to add 2x4s?
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Posted 2020-10-16T21:36:32+0000  by frankienap frankienap
Before you start it might be a good idea to give the technical support folks at Vigo a call and see if they have any suggestions.  They should know their product better than anyone.

I would think that most of the weight is support by the tub so I'd think the panel wouldn't tend to pull away from the wall.  When you installed it, was it tight to the wall before you fastened it in place?  I'm wondering if the wall is something more than 90° to the top of the tub.  If so, maybe use one (or two) of those little plastic shims designed to keep toilets from rocking to lift the right side of the glass slightly.  The shim could be trimmed to fit under the glass and then just caulk around it, making the shim pretty much invisible.

You could certainly open the wall from the back side and add some wood blocking but that's going to be a lot of work.  You'd have to repair the drywall and paint.

Another option might be to use one of the heavy duty anchors like those from Wing-It. The drawback is that you have to drill a pretty big hole (3/4") and the surface of the anchor is about 1" so you'd have to make sure would be hidden by the glass support brackets.

Posted 2020-10-17T12:20:35+0000  by Adam444
Hi fankienap,

The goal should be not to have any water leakage into the area behind the wall, this will lead to mold and deterioration of the wall structure. As such I would not use wing-it anchors as they require a very large hole in the wall, or long screws which penetrate the wall.

Instead use lead anchors in place of the plastic anchors supplied with the door. Lead anchors are ribbed and when properly installed will hold the door hinges in place very securely. I used lead anchors to secure shower hand grab bars and they are so secure you could stand on them.

Lead Anchor


Posted 2020-10-19T22:40:40+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Thanks for the information guys  Nox App Player
Posted 2020-10-20T09:24:01+0000  by Chavez
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