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Aisle 1: Taking Care of Customers

January brings the annual Tropical House Plant Plant Promotion to the Home Depot, and it is the perfect time…. Plant lovers are looking for a little green to help them ward off the winter blues.

Once the Christmas tree is removed and the light and the life that the Christmas tree brings inside is gone there is a void that needs to be filled, and just a tiny house plant can help fill that gap. One 6-inch potted house plant can spruce up any corner, it can breathe life into the space and it can also help to cleanse and purify 100 square feet of inside air…amazing!

Stop by your local Home Depot and check out all of the beautiful tropical house plants that are arriving weekly, look at the wide variety of brightly colored floral plants and the exotic orchids that will add life and color to the blah winter days. Cactus and succulents are plentiful with offerings of many varieties, sizes, and textures….cactus and succulents are so easy to care for!

While working to help set up and merchandise the tropical house plant event at the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot there was a trending question in the aisles:

Where are the mouse traps? 

That was the reoccurring question throughout the morning! I heard lots of stories about first time ever mice and just how persistent they are, comments on just how gross the whole process is! I listened to  story from one customer..... he had just returned  from a five week Hawaiian vacation to a kitchen that had been over run with mice, the mice had a real run of the house vacation for themselves!!!

Once this mouse trend is brought to my attention I know that it is time to check all signs, and points of entry at my home…a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Look under the sink for droppings, the mice follow water-pipe lines from the basement up into the living spaces, those little vermin can squeeze through the tiniest portal. Check the stove top and along the bottom of the oven and broiler pan mice do seek warmth, check gaps at doors and walk the foundation of your home for any signs of holes and burrowing, look for cracks or missing mortar any tiny gap that could allow entry.

My picks for prevention tools are mint sachets, Great Stuff for pests, and a few mouse traps to have on hand, I do go with in the ounce of prevention tactics !

Check out the post below for some gross but interesting and unsettling facts about mice!

That is what was trending in Aisle #1 today


From the Home Depot Community Archives

How to remove mice from your home!

Removing those pesky mice!


A day does not go by without a customer asking how to get rid of mice.  Our mouse control aisle is a very busy one.  Years ago, I used to think is was rare and dirty for people to have mice inside their home.  But now I realize that it a problem for everyone.  It does not matter the size of your home or what type of person you are.  The fact is if it’s cold outside, then the mice are looking for food and a place to stay warm.


Reasons to remove mice from your home:

  • Mice can carry, spread and transmit diseases from feces, urine and infecting food that they bite.  An example might be if you had food on the counter and did not know a mouse took a bite from it and you then ate it, a disease could be transmitted.
  • Mice do not have a bladder which means they can relieve themselves anytime.  Two mice can produce up to 18,000 feces in a 6 month period.
  • They are prolific breeders and one female, can produce 40-60 babies per year.  A litter can be produced every 45 days and the gestation period is only 3 weeks.   At 8 weeks old mice can begin reproducing. The average life span is 12 months.
  • During the night, mice can make 30-200 visits to a food source, depending on availability of food. 
  • The front teeth of a mouse never stop growing and can grow up to 5” in a year.  In the US, rodents cause billions of dollars in damage.

There are a wide variety of ways to remove mice from the home.  Do not underestimate how many traps you may need.   It is recommended to place the traps every 5-10 feet for efficiency.

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Posted 2013-06-12T12:49:38-0400  by Jen_HD_BOS Jen_HD_BOS


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Posted 2020-01-09T13:30:34+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS

Trending in Aisle #2: Lights, Trimmers, Action! 


The aisles of the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot are busy with customers dreaming of the spring, warmer days, greener grass and budding trees.  

All the dreaming customers walk the aisles of the garden department looking for new products, and all the items that are available to update their tool bank. 

This season everything is easy to find in the power tool aisle there is bold new signage, colorful backdrops and bright new lights that illuminate the shelves of aisle #2 . The lighting allows for easy product knowledge reading it cast just the right light into the aisle to make it so much more inviting, the customers are loving the new, brightly lit displays! 

The blowers, the trimmers and the chain saws are now neat and tidy with many more options to looks at and read about. Gas cans are lined up like little soldiers just waiting to be enlisted for the springtime clean-up. 

At the end cap of aisle #2 stands an island where gardens get lost, a true dream space for anyone seeking an escape from the winter, it is the Burpee seed rack! I have witnessed customers consumed, spending lots of time looking and reading seed packets. At any given time, there can be multiple customers reading seed packets and discussing last year's crops and how they cannot wait to start the seeds...the conversations are infectious and inviting...who doesn't want to talk about flowers and vine ripen tomatoes? The glow that comes from those lively, cheerful gardeners' conversations is brighter than all the new shelf lighting combined. 

Stop by your local Home Depot, dream your way down aisle #2, check out all the new and improved garden power tools.... come and see the light! 

Don’t forget to check out all the peat pots and seed starting kits and the beautiful, glowing 2020 seed rack. It is truly bright you cannot miss it, enjoy! 


Posted 2020-01-16T15:34:50+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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