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Allure Flooring Accessories

Hi everyone!


Hope everyone is enjoying the new 2011! I'm here today to chat with you about the great new product that The Home Depot already sells, Trafficmaster Allure plank and tile flooring. While many on the community have posted questions and answers regarding the product, this post is just to inform everyone the many accessories that can further enhance your new floor. While most stores won't carry all these products, they all can be obtained via special ordering them with a reasonable lead time to get them into your hands for your project.  These products aren't just for cosmetic purposes; they are for protection, maintenance, and repair of your Allure flooring. Lets get started with some related products that will make your Allure flooring more efficient, stronger, and more beautiful for years to come...






1. Basement Proofer/Sealer For Concrete Floors



  • Basement Proofer is a unique formulation that improves adhesive performance under difficult and adverse conditions
  • Why is it needed? Moderate moisture and alkalinity found in basements are reduced to a lower level, allowing installation of peel & stick & vinyl tiles
  • REQUIRED for below grade warranty! Honors vinyl tile manufacturers warranty in basements.
  • High quality penetrating copolymer resin for sealing subfloors
  • Reduces moisture and alkalinity
  • Adds protection for laminates, wood, carpet, and vinyl
  • Required in some installs of Allure commercial (see Allure warranty)



2. Allure Self-Adhesive Molding Trim 


  • For commercial and residential floors; ideal for Garages and any interiors.
  • This durable molding  protects the edge of the floor. It ramps up to the floor reducing wear caused by car tires.
  • Reduces the moisture that can flow under the flooring.
  • The Adhesive Strip is a special 3M tape designed to hold even in extreme conditions
  • 17 foot strip handles a 2-car garage


    3. Allure Single Step Cleaner and Polish
    • Floor Cleaner and Polish works with vinyl, tile and stone floor
    • creates a glossy shine. 
    • This protective polish is biodegradable and non-toxic and requires only 1 application.
    • Bio-degradable and non-toxic

      4. Allure 2-Sided Installation Tape  (not pictured)


      • Perfect for special installation requirements and innovative designs
      • For repair and replacement of Allure planks and tiles
      • Refreshes the GripStrip!
      • 75 feet per roll


      5. Allure UnderTransition Strip (not pictured)


      • Strips provide creative solutions to planks by providing borders with borders, inlays, 45  and 90 degree angles
      • Joins rooms
      • Changes directions to your Allure flooring
      • 8 pcs/box 2" x 36"
      Here's a breakdown of  ordering the products in question, your local Home Depot flooring associate can obtain specific pricing and lead times for your area. 



      With these products, your Allure flooring now has virtually no limits to the construction, design and performance!



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      Posted 2011-01-03T15:07:47+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

      Hi     I would like to use    the   Allure   in  my  kitchen  and  I  am  new  to  this--just  learning.      


               Can  you  please   again  give    the    Link   for  the  Installation  instructions    for  the  Allure     (  not  the  Ultra--the  regular  Allure  Flooring) ?       


                Also   can  you  recommend   a    cetain   cutting   Shears    perhaps   from  Home  Depo   that  I  can  purchase    which  would  work  well    to  cut   the  Allure   around  some  irregular  objects   in  places  where  I  cannot  use  the  Utility  knife    on    the  Allure  flooring?    --I  asked  what  would  be  good  at    my  local  Home  Depot  store  and  they  suggested  I  ask  here.     --Thanks  so  much  for  your  Help.

      Posted 2012-04-11T20:41:41+0000  by djer

      Hey there djer,


      Welcome to our community!~


      Great to hear you've chosen Allure = ) You shall not be disappointed.


      First off, here is the link to the instruction manual you requested. This is for the original, grip-strip Allure, not the newer Ultra style.


      As for the shears, I can tell you that QEP makes a shear, the QEP Multipurpose Vinyl Trim Shears, that may be what you are looking for. It's a product that's only available online however, and I have never personally used it so I can't attest for how it works out. I know that the standard Allure should be able to be cut down with heavy duty scissors which you can find in our hardware department, but again...all my cutting has been by knife alone.


      Pray tell, what is it that you are trying to cut that you can't do with the knife? Perhaps we can think up a better way of approaching it = )

      Posted 2012-04-12T14:29:58+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

         I   was  thinking  of  using  the  regular   Allure (  not  the  Allure  Ultra)  in  my  Kitchen   .     I  presently  have  old  Congoleum  Vinyl  on  the  floor  now.      Can  I  put  the  Allure   right  over  that  old  Congoleum  Vinyl   or  do  I  need  to  remove  it   first?


                   Also  is  it   necessary   to  really   Roll   the  floor   with  a  heavy  roller  when  you  complete.  the  job ?


                                                --Thanks  much  for  your  help.



      Posted 2012-04-19T23:59:13+0000  by djer

      Hey djer,


      Good to hear from you again! Did you happen to decide on your cutting tool yet?


      You can certainly put the Allure flooring over your existing floor, granted that it is in good shape. By this I mean no large dings or dents, no missing pieces and no peeling. Also, if your floor is noticeably un-level, then you'll want to address this first. If your floor has never given you trouble before and it's firmly bonded to the subfloor below, then go right ahead!~


      As for your other question about rolling the floor; I'll post a snippet from the install manual that I think captures the answer best:


      To complete your installation of allure you have one final “step”—walk on the floor. The chemical bond between the upper lip, lower lip and adhesive will get strong and stronger as you apply more pressure — professional’s will roll the floor, home owners can simply walk on the floor. For best results use a floor roller.


      So in short, you aren't required to...but it definitely helps in ensuring that you have the strongest bond possible. Most stores have a flooring roller available for rental through our Tool Rental Center. Make sure to contact your local store to see if they have them available.


      Hope this helps you out!~ Please let us know how it turns out, and post up pictures of the job as you go. It would be great to see how it all comes together for you!~

      Posted 2012-04-20T13:58:50+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

      --Thanks  for  your  Comments.            ---Is  there  another  LINK   for  another    Install  Manual  for  the   Allure?--  because  I  did  not  see  those  comments  about " Walking  on  the  Floor"   as  a " Final  Step" in  the  previous  install   instruction   Link   I  got.--Just  thought  that  you  were  probably  reading  that   comment  from  another  Link  -- I  could  see.



                 ---  Also   --   I  noted  that   there  are  a  few  spots   where  my  old  Congoleum  Vinyl  is  Not  firmly

      bonded  to  the  floor  below  --its  "curling  up"  for  example  near  my  sliding  glass  windows  where  there  is  no  quarter  round   to  hold  it  down.        Is  ther  something  I  can  do   to  fix  this  problem  before  installing    the  Allure---?--like  suggest  type  of  Product  at  Home  Deo   to  glue  it  down?



                ---     Also    Is  it  necessary   to  remove   Dishwasher  completely     --I  would  like  to  avoid  this

      if  possible.



               Finally   ---in  the  previous   instructions  I  saw  it  mentions    "A  Speccial  Note"  about  Allure  TILE---that

       the  tile  has    2  sets  of  Grout  Lines----( inner  and  outer)  which  which  I  am  not  sure  about---One  

      grout  line   (?  the    outer)  is  thicker  than   the  inner  grout  line-(  Not  sure)----Can  you  clarify  this  a  little  for  me  and  how  to  install  the  Tradional  way  of  Lining  up  grout  lines.


                                       --Thanks  again   






      Posted 2012-04-20T16:31:38+0000  by djer

      Sure. Here is a link to the installation manual that I was reading through. You can read about the different subfloor types that Allure accepts on pg. 4 and they discuss the roller on both pg.8 and pg.11.


      The spots that are curling up are concerning, especially since you mentioned that it's near the sliding glass door. Are you sure that it's only due to no quarter-round being down and not from possible moisture leaks? Check this area out well and make sure that the bottom side of the congoleum isn't wet still or that you don't feel any dampness.


      It's difficult to offer you a good adhesive to use, because I'm not 100% sure on what adhesive they originally used to put the material down. Sometimes when adding a new solvent adhesive over old adhesive, the two don't mix well. I know that Roberts makes a very decent sheet vinyl adhesive, but unfortunately we don't carry it at Home Depot. Liquid Nails are kind of hit or miss as most don't recommend being used on vinyl. If however this area is curling up due to moisture, you may be better off removing the floor and making sure that it hasn't traveled further in. You'd only be asking for problems later on down the road by installing over it.


      No, you can cut right up to the dishwasher with no problem.


      As for the grout line question, I took a look through the installation manual that you were browsing and I also found their wording to be a bit confusing as well. I'm going to attempt to sum it up visually, so bare with me and please let me know if it's still confusing to you--




      Okay, so above we have two pieces of the Allure Tile Flooring put together in what they refer to as Traditional. Basically you're just lining the planks up side by side, no staggering. The staggered version or Brick design I will post down below so that you can visualize that as well.


      What they mean by inside and outside grout lines are that there is a "hidden" way of aligning the planks that makes the floor look more even and complete. Basically, when you look at the tile plank in front of you, you may notice that the exterior grout lines vary in thickness a bit. What they're calling for you to do is to line the thicker up with the thinner, so that you give it a much more even look. By placing thick against thick, you'll end up with a bigger grout line then is in some other areas. I highlighted the areas that I'm referring to with the arrows above.


      In all due honesty, I have installed the Yukon Tan style in that picture before in a basement. While yes I do normally prefer to do everything by the book, I completely bypassed that step. I didn't feel like sorting through the planks making sure I had them flipped properly. The room turned out looking great and I can honestly say I don't notice a thing. So I'll leave that step up to you to decide on.


      Oh, and here is the brick design as well. Note that I did leave spaces between the planks in this picture so that you can see where I end one and begin another, as denoted by the orange line in between them.




      I hope this helps clarify it for you!~ = )


      Posted 2012-04-20T18:14:07+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI


          ---Sorry---but  would  you  mind  giving  me  AGAIN  that  LINK   you  just  mentioned  above   for  the  Manual  for  the  Allure---


        you  were   quoting  from    regarding  the   "walking  on  the  floor  comment"--I  was  Not  able  to  Open  up  that  Link  you  just  gave  ----it  said    " File   was corrupted".  Thanks



                ---     I  have  not  decided  but  was  thinking  initially  of  using   that  Allure  Tile  GOLD  pattern---which  is  Model  #  216112   --  if  you  look  at  it.        Anyway  in   the    first  instuctions    for  Allure   I  saw  they  mentioned  to  stagger   the  planks  and   they   even  show  a  picture  of  that  staggering  as  well.        --But   if  I  want   a  Traditional   look  of  lining  up   the  Grout  Lines   using  this   GOLD  Tile  Pattern     --then   as  I  understand  it--from  your  prior  comment  that  there  is  No  staggering  of    the   12  by  36  inch  planks----Is  This  Correct  ?      If  so ,   does  this  make  for  any  future  problem  in  lack  of  strength  --bec  all  the  seams   line  up  without  any  staggering.   

      Posted 2012-04-21T17:44:21+0000  by djer






      Hi again --      Thank   You  for  the  LINK  with  the  Owners  Maual  for  the  Allure !    (  I  was  having   my  own  computer  problem  with  My  Adobe   and  it  would  not  Open--but  Now  I  got  that  fixed  so  can  read  the   Manual--so  Thanks.)


                     AS  i  mentioned  previously  I  have  Old  Congoleum   on  my  kitchen  floor  right  now.

        There  are  a  few  area   near    the  edges   where  there  is  no  quarter  round   where  its  "curled"  up  a  little.

      One  spot  is  near  a  window  but  there  are a few  other  spots    under  Cabinets  like  that  too-far  removed   from  the   sliding  window.     I  checked  underneath   and  there   does  Not  appear  to  be  any  moisture  problem   in  those  spots--perhaps  the    old  glue  just  gave  way  in  a  few  spots.      I  can  tell  that  attempting  to  glue  those  spots  down  would   not  probably   work   bec  the  old  Congoleum  is  brittle  and  in   fact  did  crack   off a  tiny

      piece  when  I  was  checking   the  floor  below.


                Anyway     do  you  think  it  would  be  OK  to  Trim  off  these  small  edged  curled  areas   with  a  Utility  knife     and   just  patch  those  areas   with  some  kind  of  leveler   compound ---and  then   put   the  Allure  down  over  the  Old  Congolleum  floor.          I  was  trying  to  avoid   pulling  up  the  old  Congoleum  .  If  so  could  you  suggest  some  product  sold  at  home  depot.


                                              --Thanks  much




      Posted 2012-04-25T16:38:54+0000  by djer

      I am looking for the transition tape.  Where do I purchase this item?  I recently purchased Trafficmaster Allure  Bamboo Dark 7113, SKU 488-107 flooring.  Looks very nice but I need to change the direction of the kitchen to the laundry room.  Please let me know.  Thank you very much.

      Posted 2012-08-27T18:18:07+0000  by grater

      Hey grater,


      Welcome to the community!


      I'm not sure if you read the original posting I authored in this thread originally. As I wrote, to get this special kind of tape, you'll need to contact or come down to your local Home Depot's flooring specialist who can order it for you. 


      They can get this, as well as the other items shown in this thread above.




      Posted 2012-11-17T17:54:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
      Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question