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Allure Flooring safety

I'm ready to install this flooring in a small townhouse. I have two pets -- a cat and a dog -- that I love dearly. Both are small and close to the ground and, potentially, the fumes from this product.


I'm worried about the off-gassing odor of vinyl and am concerned that I should not install it until after winter when I can open the windows and let air flow through the house. I read the safety PDF that is on the product's page on this site and it says something about severe sensitivities for animals, though I'm not sure if this means in general or only if something goes wrong with the product. I also don't want my home to smell like a Firestone store and I'm worried about that. 


I am ready to go with it if it is safe. I plan to do everything but the stairs and landings with this product in a 1,400 sq. ft. home. Advice? Information? TrafficMaster's website doesn't even have information about this product, so it's no help.

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Posted 2010-11-18T19:08:44+0000  by ldpwv ldpwv

Hi there Idpwv,


Welcome to our community! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here =)


Great to hear that you've taken interest in our new Allure flooring. It's really a great idea, since it makes it so simple for the homeowner to put together themselves and provides a great floor solution.


I myself am aware that older sheet vinyl type floors had problems with off-gassing due chemicals in the manufacturing process, but have never heard of such with anything recently made, especially not the Allure.


To be safe, I contacted the manufacturer of the floor, Halstead Intl. I spoke with one of their service reps and told her about your concerns. She assured me that there are no toxins present in the flooring that would give off any type of off-gassing, nor would it present any such problem for your pets. She asked that if you ever have any concerns with the floor, that you can contact them at any time as they are the ones that have the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the floor on-hand. Their contact information is available on their page -> here!


Also, do you have a link to the PDF that you had read? If it does contain such information, I would like to forward it over to them so they are aware of it.


Please let me know if you have any other questions, and let me know if you do decide to go ahead with the project. I'd love to see pictures of how it turns out =D

Posted 2010-11-18T19:41:44+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks for your speedy reply and for checking in with the manufacturer! I appreciate the footwork.


Here's a link to the safety thing I found on the HD website:


I shall proceed!



Posted 2010-11-18T21:41:12+0000  by ldpwv

Hello, I was glad to see the previous question about Trafficmaster Allure flooring and air quality.  I am extremely interested in this flooring but have the same concern.  I too went to the manufacturer website but it says nothing on the subject.  Your reply to the last question was that Halstead told you there was nothing in the product that would outgas?  I am hoping for more detail because I'm having a hard time understanding how that could be true.  Are they claiming there is no PVC or formaldehyde in the product? Or, are they saying that the VOC emissions are very low?  If either of those things are true then why is that not being used as an advertising point and why are they not Florscore or LEEDS certified? Those would be HUGE selling points!  I'm looking for more detail on this because I love the look, water resistance, and apparent ease of installation.  The only thing keeping me from making a purchase is the blog and review items I've come accross in which a lot of people claim the smell is terrible and long lasting and I can't find any info from the company about the emissions from the planks.  If there is no outgassing, then what are people smelling?  You can see my dilema -- Through a third party (you), the manufacturer claims no VOC's yet the manufacturer  doesn't give any info about this in writing, doesn't use it as a selling point, and people complain about the smell which leads me to believe that indeed it does have formaldehyde and/or other toxic stuff as is typical for vinyl.  Is there written information about this?

Posted 2010-12-27T22:10:41+0000  by LScotta2

A quick correction to my previous post - I couldn't have been of Halstead or Trafficmaster website because they don't appear to have websites.  I've to so many websites and done so many searches about this that I must have gotten confused about where I'd actually been.  Question is the same though.  Thanx.

Posted 2010-12-27T22:29:25+0000  by LScotta2

Hey there LScotta2,


Great to hear that you're also interested in the floor too! Hopefully I can answer your questions well enough to get you to feel confident in the floor.


First off, I have seen talk off the off-gassing concerns on a couple of internet blogs, but I've never come across this at my store before. I've sold whole room jobs of this floor before and been into customers houses that have had it installed and never heard (or smelled for that matter) of any problems.


Trafficmaster is our "house" brand, so you won't find a website for them, or at the best you would be re-directed back to our main site. Halstead is the manufacturer out of CT. There website is -> here!


You can also navigate to their MSDS sheet, which highlights any volatile chemicals included in the product. This sheet is readily available to the public, so I didn't have to go through any channels to get to it. You can view it -> here!


Hopefully that helps address your concerns. Let me know if you have any other questions though, I want you to feel both confident and safe with your purchases through us =)



Posted 2010-12-30T14:49:19+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I agree that the product is vey easy to install and looks nice. However, it outgasses horribly. The smell is very obvious, and it has irritated my nasal passages and eyes, making me feel like the beginning of a cold or allergy. Once I'm outside for while, it all clears up, but starts again as soon as I'm inside. Also, my cat is not eating or mvoing around much. I installed Allure on Sunday and the fumes are still bad despite having all the windows open and using the attic fan several hours a day. I had previously installed some in my utility room a few years ago, and had the same problem for about 2 weeks. It has worn very well however, still looks attractive and  easy to clean. I bought an Olfa cutting mat serveral years ago with the same outgassing. It continued to outgas for years.

Posted 2011-10-04T17:49:03+0000  by lkarns

I had Trafficmaster Allure installed about 3 years ago in a huge kitchen and never had any offgassing. Plus I have a dog and two cats that have not been affected at all. Perhaps some are just more sensitive to these things. But, I've had no issues at all. And I love this stuff. When my budget allows I'm having it installed in my bathrooms.

Posted 2011-10-08T19:29:46+0000  by brattsgirl

I'm glad to find this discussion.  I've put down 270 square feet of about 700 square feet I have planned and am pausing for the smell to subside before continuing.  The smell is obviously some volatile chemical.  Its definitely coming from the Allure flooring.  I find it obnoxious when I enter the space where its installed, but I get used to it after a few minutes.  Like others on this blog, I'm concerned about the health effects of this emission.  Even if this gas presents no health risk, it would be nice to at least have some guidance on how long I should expect the stink to linger, or if there are any mitigating steps that can be taken to minimize the smell.

Posted 2012-12-16T21:55:47+0000  by john751880
Hello ldpwv,

I think the link you have is for the MSDS of the raw material used to manufacture the Trafficmaster product. The finished product would have residual amounts of these raw materials, possibly the source of "off gassing", but note that it has a "mild odor." Other possibilities could be stabilizers, plasticizers and dyes used in the manufacturing process.

The MSDS provided by Ask_Mr_Jay is for the finished product, which appears to be safe to handle. An MSDS only covers known work place issues; other issues may be discovered in the future. A good place to discover these kind of issues would be from OHS issues at the factory. Unfortunately, the product is made in China, so worker health and safety are much less of a concern than in North America or Europe.

What is not clear yet is how widespread and serious are the reactions to "off gassed" material once flooring is installed in a residential application and whether there are associated issues connected with long term exposure. Since this is not a drug or a food, it is unlikely that any of this will be determined, so the consumer is left to make decisions from anecdotal evidence found on the Internet.

Hope this helps clarify the issue for anyone viewing this page.
Posted 2012-12-25T04:15:19+0000  by FDR13

Am going to rent from a landlord that installed Trafficmaster Brazilian Cherry flooring in their rental unit.


I am chemically sensitive, but when I visited the unit I did not notice any noticeable odor or smell.  The floor had been in there for 6 months.  The MSDS links you provide do not provide much information at all and not sure if the Hallstead link is even updated?  Does this mean that this flooring probably has high amounts of VOC.

Posted 2013-03-25T02:24:06+0000  by reneerose242000
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