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Allure Trafficmaster "Click" flooring HELP!!!

The "Easiest Floor Ever" to install has become the biggest nightmare my house has seen for quite a while! My husband has been STRUGGLING to install this flooring for over a week, laying it, picking it back up, gluing some of it, HORRIBLE. For a floor that is termed the "Easiest Floor EVER" to install we have had nothing but problems.  Even when it seems to be together in spots the next day becomes unjoined- in spots that the floor is not completely level the floor will not stay together at all, it pops apart, and I'm talking very small dips, nothing major.  The flooring states, "no preparation to under flooring needed, Floats"


PLEASE- if someone knows any tricks or tips I would so appreciate any help- My husband is an extremely handy man, who has built rooms in less time than this!! HELP!

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Posted 2012-06-11T13:43:48+0000  by everylastbreath everylastbreath

Hello again everylastbreath,


Glad you are back with us on the community, although I'm sorry to hear about your Allure Ultra woes :smileysad:


One thing that came up repeatedly with you and your husbands trouble with this flooring is the unjoining of the planks. The popping up of planks could be due to the flooring not being acclimated to your rooms. I've heard that some boxes do not come with the instruction manual, but according to page 4 of the Allure Ultra install manual


"You MUST store allure horizontally in the
room of installation for 48 hours prior to
installation. Be sure the room temperature
is between 65 & 85 F. Do not remove the
planks from the case during this
acclamation period! Maintain this
temperature during installation as well."


The #1 culprit of vinyl resilient flooring buckling in new installations is the boxes not being subjected to acclamation. If you did do this step, the only other reason I could find with the floor failing is IF the floor is dipping in areas greater than 1/8"; you are correct in the floor should not be popping up for small long as they are smaller than 1/8" in height. 


There can be other install considerations as well, such as needing to use spacers for the edges. However, let us know if you did or did not let the planks acclamate, then we can go to the next step from there.


Hope to hear from you soon,



Posted 2012-06-11T14:22:54+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Sorry but this cannot be the issue, flooring was purchased over a month ago and has been stored in the room it is being installed in, so temperature cannot be the issue, the pieces are just not staying together - even when they appear to be together (ie. pulling on them to insure they are locked) they become unlocked and start to come apart.  I have never seen him have such difficulty with a product before, what should have been a simple project has turned into hours upon hours with nothing to show for it.... frustrated... Love the look of this floor just don't know if it will ever stay together...

Posted 2012-06-11T15:24:36+0000  by everylastbreath

So we know that acclamation is not the issue here...thank you for updating us. I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations, but I'm here to help you in your Allure Ultra planks.


I've got another list of issues that could be the reason why your Allure Ultra pieces are not locking together:


  • The installation process. The planks need to be installed exactly how the manufacturer's prescribes them to be. Using 1/8" spacers on the edges and then covering up the edges after the floor is finished with quarter round moulding or similar trim is crucial to having the floors float properly and ensure they have a tight fit. Also, the way the planks are installed is important to how well it will be installed. According to the instruction manual: 

"When laying the first row in a straight
line interlock the short ends by inserting
the tongue into the grooves at an angle
of approx.15 to 20 degrees. Install
each sequential plank on the short end
(7.5”) and be sure to line up evenly.
This is very important for a good

Additionally, you'll need to make sure that every seam is secure and tight with no visible gaps between the planks whatsoever when installing them. It will be too late if you find the gaps a few rows after finding a gap, you will need to address the gaps right away, or you'll have to reinstall the area over again. Using a laminate install kit can work great for eliminating any guesswork out of angling the planks. They are sold in our flooring department.

  • The planks themselves. If they are coming apart as you state, they aren't curling up or warping? If they are, you may have moisture issues coming from the subfloor.....IF it is a concrete subfloor. Any moisture coming up from below  can and will create adverse effects to the flooring.


if the planks and the overall install looked great at first (no gaps whatsoever), and the floor is absolutely level as you say, then there can be another unforeseeable issue we aren't seeing. Let me or one of us here know if there was any gaps after the installation was done, or if you are on ground-level or below-grade concrete subfloor. 


After that, you can contact Allure Ultra's manufacturer directly at 1-866-843-8453 if you believe this isn't the case for your floors. 


I really want this flooring system to work out for you, and let us know by giving us more details on how and where you installed your planks.

Posted 2012-06-11T15:45:27+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Still struggling- no clicking together - watched numerous videos on installation procedure and it looks as if the edge on our floor is much small than in video, lip on ours is approx 1/8 inch - is that correct? This floor is a horror
Posted 2012-06-15T01:04:51+0000  by everylastbreath

I have a picture below of the tongue-and-groove section on the side of the plank, in all of the ones I've seen they look just like the ones shown below. 

Allure Ultra profile


Is every plank not clicking or is only certain areas not working out for you? At this stage, I hope you have either started over in the install process as well as seen the instructions (I know you've seen the video). This will make the process a guaranteed success without doubting any areas you may have missed.


The key to Allure Ultra working properly is making sure the rows are completely snapped in place before you move onto the next row.  I really can't stress that part enough. 


Unfortunately, I can't be there to see how you or your husband is installing so I can't say which part of the process isn't working out, nor I can see the conditions of the planks. 


As long as you know the floor is level and clean, the planks aren't curling or warping (they shouldn't be, since they were in the room for a month), and you are following the instructions precisely at each step, I can't see any other reason the planks are failing other than a few or more are defective. 


I've personally never seen Allure or the Allure Ultra planks having a smaller tongue or having issues from the plank itself. The lip size you stated is pretty much dead on for what the plank needs to be to attach it to others.


On my last response, I gave you the number to the manufacturer of Allure Ultra flooring, Halstead Intl. You can call them to see if there is any other issue we may have missed. 


I realize you and your husbands frustration with this project, and I really want this flooring system to work out for you. Please update us for any further questions or concerns you may have.


Hope to hear from you soon,



Posted 2012-06-16T15:12:15+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

My husband and I are experienced DIY's and I was so excited when I got the Allue Ultra  Aegean Travertine Ivory. It was beautiful.


But what a nightmare.  We could not get them to "click" together at all.  No problem getting the ends to click together, but then to ge tthe long side to lock, you have to lift up the other edge.  Then the other ones pull apart.


I was so disappointed.  I expected to have are new bathroom floor down this morning, but after 2 hours we both said forget it.  We have istalled the Glue-Strip Allure in more rooms than I can remember, and never had these problems.  I called the Customer Service number and was given a Return Authoriztion Number.  I am taking it back and getting the old style Ultra.


It's a shame.  I planned on using the wood look in a bedroom and a living room.  They are beautfiul.  Not now.


Posted 2012-07-15T16:38:04+0000  by gcks21a

Hello gcks21a,


Welcome to the community, although I am sorry to hear about your situation with your Allure Ultra flooring:smileysad:


Like I stated with the previous member on this thread, I can't see what approach you and your husband were taking in the installation process, but the clicking should occur on each plank. 


In terms of the install steps on the Allure Ultra Installation Guide:


3. When laying the first row in a straight
line interlock the short ends by inserting
the tongue into the grooves at an angle
of approx.15 to 20 degrees. Install
each sequential plank on the short end
(7.5”) and be sure to line up evenly.
This is very important for a good

Allure Ultra Installation

4. Be sure to keep the seams tight. You
will feel and hear the click when
locking the planks together to create a
tight seam. There should be no gap
visible between planks.


Please update us, if possible, on your new flooring or any further questions or comments you may have.



Posted 2012-07-16T14:24:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Oh My God.  After a full day of installing this so-called easiest floor ever to install, we are noticing some planks becoming unlocked. How could this be??? We followed the instructions, took our time, and now it's coming apart at some of the seams.  PLEASE GIVE some advice on what to do now!!!

Posted 2012-10-07T01:09:16+0000  by jojopal

If you're willing to supply the following information, I may be able to help.

A: What's the subfloor?

B: Did you acclimate the tiles before installing them?

C: Where do you live? State and county would be helpful to determine the temperature variance.

D: What time(s) of day in which did you attempt the install and if you don't want to reveal your state and county, please let me know what time zone you're in.

E: Are the gaps between the short ends and the long sides?



Posted 2012-10-08T22:32:24+0000  by maximillian

I am experiencing the exact same problems as others have stated here.  


First there is *no* clicking sound made to ensure the planks are locked.


Installing the first row is easy enough by "locking" the short ends.


The problem is with aligning the second and subsequent rows where you have both a short and long end to lock together.  It is near impossible to lift and lock the plank wihtout unlocking the previous plank.  And "sliding" the plank into the others does not work.  There is no slide effect once you have the short end locked just short of the long end.


I also have noticed that other planks are coming up.  Subfloor is perfect.  Temperature is perfect.  Planks acclimated for two weeks in box, etc.


Lastly, I have been to two Home Depots and not a single employee can show me how to get these planks to install.  I have had several employees try on the HD floor and all have failed.  In fact, they grunt as they struggle to figure out how to make it work.


Not sure how HD can sell this product when they can't support their customers.


This is about the worst DIY experience I have ever had when the promise was for it to be the easiest.


Anybody figured this out?



Posted 2013-01-09T20:58:05+0000  by azinstall
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