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Allure Trafficmaster Flooring

I have installed this in my kitchen and is great so far.  I would like to put this in my entry also.  I am wondering if the glue will adhere because this room doesn't have any heat and does get down to just above freezing temperature and in the summer gets very hot.

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Posted 2011-01-07T14:42:42+0000  by fishinglinder fishinglinder

Lets try this.  How do you post photos??



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Posted 2011-01-07T22:40:47+0000  by fishinglinder

Hey fishinglinder,


Welcome to the Community!


Great to hear that you've picked out the Allure floor, I love that stuff :)


As far as putting in your entry way, it's recommended by the installer that let the floor acclimate to room temperature (around 60 degrees F) for about 24-48 hours. But being a Chicagoan, I know all about really odd climates and temperatures that don't quite always agree with your plans :D


What I would do, is keep a hairdryer or a heat gun handy. Sounds crazy I know, but while you're installing, use that on the glue strips to warm them up and that will actually help get you a better, and tighter bond on the floor. Just install like you regularly would, but just remember to warm the glue as you go.


As for the product itself, it's rather resilient under those kinds of conditions. Here's an excerpt from their manual about that:

"Heat and cold resistant: allure
planks can be frozen without damage.
Our adhesive can get down to 15 degrees
Fahrenheit (or -10 degrees Celsius).You can
put allure in the freezer, I don’t know why
you would, but be our guest. Allure can
take the heat and definitely can stay in the
kitchen — but if you let your home get over
95º F for an extended period of time, you
will damage the floor and melt the
adhesive — if you let your house stay over
95º F degrees for an extended period of
time, all your furniture might melt! That’s just
too darn hot."


Hope that helps answer your question, but let me know if you have anything else I can help you with~ And be sure and stop back in to post pictures of the job when it's done too! :D

Posted 2011-01-07T15:06:49+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks for the info.  I guess I will start tearing out my mudroom now.  Remove all the peel &stick tile that won't stick and replace all the underlayment.


Here is a photo of my kitchen.  I think it turned out great and is holding up very well so far.



Posted 2011-01-07T22:14:59+0000  by fishinglinder

shalom,and good morning to you,i just brought a home and need to upgrade my flooring and kitchen,but dont know how to do the job,i need help on the situation,and how to do it cheaper.if and when u read this i hope u can help me also the kitchen not that big.nice sizes were it wont costs alot of money.thank u for ur time shalom alaykum.have a good day.:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2011-01-17T11:52:41+0000  by judahcry

I purchased the Allure Traficmaster plank flooring with adhesive. When I went on google to try and find out How to install it, I noticed that Youtube had a video of someone installing the Allure adhesive planks. He indicated that the floor came out beautiful but after 3 months he could still smell an awful toxic odor coming from these floor planks. What is the problem with the odor on this type of flooring? Does anyone know? I then proceeded to view another video from youtube on the Allure flooring Traffic Master and they also regretted buying the tiles because of the horrible odor. I purchased the Allure Traffic Master planks, but after reading and seeing the complaints about the odor I am about to return them and get something else. Do you know what is the toxic smell these consumers are referring to on this product?

Posted 2011-01-17T17:55:12+0000  by Evita2760

Hi Evita2760,


I’d like to have Tinzley from our customer care department look into this for you. Can you email her directly at


Also – do you happen to know when those comments and videos you viewed were posted?

Posted 2011-01-17T22:39:24+0000  by HomeDepotTia

Applied this flooring on concrete and now it is pulling up :( Now trying to decide how to replace it.

Posted 2011-02-01T04:31:15+0000  by sbaldwin313

Hey sbaldwin313,


Sorry to hear about your Allure flooring pulling up:mansad:


I am a flooring associate at my store here in Atlanta and I have found that in concrete floors that Allure is going over that the #1 culprit is moisture coming through the subfloor. Did you check the underside of the Allure planks to see if moisture was present underneath? Even if you decide to not use Allure again, I strongly recommend to use a basement sealer for your concrete floor to prevent moisture coming up again. Sealing the concrete floor is very important on any floor, not just Allure or even harder ceramic tile to ensure that there is no failure happening for your future flooring. 

I did a post regarding Allure flooring accessories that include the concrete sealer to put down for it, here is a picture and link:



Posted 2011-02-05T21:23:55+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I have to say I am putting the Allure TrafficMaster flooring down in my entire upstairs. Have 2 rooms done so far. Working out toward center landing area and on in to 2 more rooms. What is down now has been down since Oct/Nov. Absolutely no odor at all. I am putting it down over the existing wood floor and running it opposite of the way the flooring lays now so. I am working on a 1947 built house so nothing is square but this stuff is fantastic.Worst problem I have is having to undercut all the door jambs by hand since I keep running into the plaster wall but I cut and chisel as I need. Think I counted total of 28 areas with closets and doorways.

Now my question is when I get to the stairway, what do you suggest I put down. Stay back far enough to nail a metal threshold strip across? Or is there some type of rounded piece I can fit over the step?

Posted 2011-02-15T00:20:34+0000  by mystelite

Hey mystelite, welcome to the Home Depot Community!


I’m glad to hear that your flooring project is going so well.  The Allure flooring is very popular, being so easy to install, durable and good looking.


Have you considered using a power flush cutting tool such as the Dremel Multi-Max to make the undercuts easier?


As far as the stairway transition goes, I think the best route here would be to use a thin metal stair nose.  Plastic, rubber and wood stair nose will likely be too thick for your application, leaving a trip hazard.

I have asked 4 store experts and they all have told me the same thing.

The metal nose does come in a variety of colors.  Hopefully there is one that will work for you.



Posted 2011-02-15T15:53:04+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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