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Allure vinyl plank flooring

We want to install this flooring in a room we converted from what used to be our garage.  The floor is now still concrete. Has anyone done this to a concrete garage floor? Did you have to use the water barrier? What I have read about this flooring is you don't use anything else but just lay the floor. Is that correct?


We are debating over this or laminate with the extra padding and moisture barrier although we do not have a water problem they say its necessary when applying to concrete. 


Any suggestions?



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Posted 2011-06-22T22:02:32+0000  by vickieljr vickieljr

Hello vickieljr,


The Allure flooring is becoming very popular now a days.


There have been quite a few questions on the community about it.

One of our experts AboveaverageJoe  did a post for exactly your question so I thought I would give you the link so that you could read thru it.


I also wanted to let you know to make sure to do a moisture test on your concrete to make sure you won’t have any problems after you lay your flooring.


The easiest way to do this is to get a 3’ x 3’ 6mil piece of plastic and tape it down to the concrete with duct tape. Make sure that all sides are sealed completely. Then after a few days come back and inspect it. There should not be moisture under the plastic. If there is you have a moisture issue. If not proceed with the manufactures instructions on how to install your flooring.


Take some pictures as you go and a couple of the final project. We would love to see pictures of your beautiful Allure flooring.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Posted 2011-06-22T22:48:44+0000  by Christine_HD_OC


I did the same thing you are planning in August 2010. It looked good for 6 months, except for moderate scratching. Then I had probably 10 gallons of water flood the floor and since then the glue has been loosening and now I find that even though they say in the maintenance section, page 16, paragraph 6 of the manual, "If your floor has been exposed to excessive amounts of water due to flooding, don't panic, allure Ultra is waterproof! Simply remove the water ASAP ..."


However, if you read the warranty, they don't warrant the "waterproof" glue, which is the main reason I bought this product, incase I got water!!! Now, no one at Home Depot wants to help. I can see this is going to be a big headache. Take it from someone who has had a problem, not the people that haven't. Read the warranty carefully and consider carefully. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Posted 2011-06-22T23:29:36+0000  by curt

If the glue on these planks is touted as waterproof, why do this test?

What's the difference between moisture coming from the concrete below or flooding from above?


After reading the statement that I should not panic if it floods, I see that in the installation section of the most recent Owner's Manual, on page 4 that it reads, "CAUTION: ...This product is not suitable for ....rooms that have the potential of flooding." !?!?!


Perhaps Halstead N.E. Corp. should proof read their literature more carefully and not make conflicting statements within the same document.

Posted 2011-06-22T23:34:23+0000  by curt

In your situation I would use the Allure Ultra flooring.  It is 100% water proof, and requires no glue.  I have used this over cement and have had excellent results.  My last project was 1,200 sq Ft for a synagogues ballroom floor which I installed over cement Backer Board, and a membrane which Home Depot sells.  I still get compliments on this floor.  The floor withstands high traffic, and table with chairs.

I tested this floor by soaking a piece of it in a bucket of water for two days and could not see any damage.  Good Luck with your project.

Posted 2011-06-23T00:01:13+0000  by Howie-NYC
Hi Curt, I'd like to ask our Customer Care team to follow up with you on this. Do you mind sending me an email with your contact information to We'd like to make sure you get the info you need in this matter. -Sarah
Posted 2011-06-23T01:06:47+0000  by homedepotsarah

I have installed allure in a bathroom with a concrete slab. The floor was a bit uneven so I used backerboard as a subfloor. I have 2 questions: (1) should I have installed a mold inhibitor or barrier or both between the allure flooring and subfloor? (2.) The floor has a few airpockets underneath, it has me thinking about gluing down the floor so it feels more solid underfoot, can this be done, what would happen if I did this to a  floating floor?

Thanks in advance, Mike

Posted 2012-01-18T05:09:53+0000  by Mike12345678

Hey there Mike12345678 (what happened to 9?),


Thanks for joining our community!~ = )


Glad to see yet another person taking interest in the Allure floor!


First off, what type of backerboard did you install underneath? Hardibacker boards are completely water-proof and mold/mildew resistant, where as other boards such as Durock can degrade over time with prolonged water exposure. This shouldn't pose an issue to you with mold though, because unless you have a problem with water seeping up from underneath the subfloor...then you'll be fine. The Allure floor itself is labeled as waterproof, (indeed, just read the manual it comes with, they have it in bold letters too) given that you follow proper installation methods and secure all the joints firmly.


As far as the air pockets underneath, that's a bit concerning. Where are these pockets forming at? To me it sounds as if the floor isn't being given enough expansion room around the perimeter and may be hitting up against a wall or vanity. Did you leave yourself an 1/8" along the walls?


Either way, I would not recommend gluing this flooring down. Not only do you lose the intrinsic nature of the floating floor, but you would also be voiding the warranty as well. Once the airgap issue is properly addressed, you won't have any problem letting the floor float, as it should not leave you feeling like you're walking on air.


I hope this helps you out. Please get back to us about the air pocket issue and hopefully we can get it all squared away!~ = )


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Posted 2012-01-19T19:22:38+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

hi im trying to lay vinyl in my three bathrooms now im not sure what vinyl i should use and what steps do i need to take to lay it....thanx?????

Posted 2012-01-20T21:59:49+0000  by jwetzell

I am quite disappointed in this product. I was told it would be fine in a very wet area (I do dog rescue so the dog room gets wet and mopped daily). The flooring has only been down for 3 months and the glue is already loosening and the floor coming up.

Posted 2012-01-23T14:33:17+0000  by sheplover

Hi there jwetzell,


Thanks for your interest in the product and for joining our community!~


Being that you've replied in the Allure topic, I will guess that by vinyl, you mean the Allure flooring. If you were inquiring about a sheet or peel & stick vinyl, then that's a different story, so please let me know...


Both the Allure & Allure Ultra floors are great for bathrooms. They provide a durable and waterproof surface, along with the easiest installation you can imagine. It's a do-able project for the handy and un-handy alike, so worry not if you find yourself a novice DIY-er. Here are links to installation videos that illustrate just how easy the product is to put together. They'll also give you some great information on the product as well, which should make your decision making process all the easier! Allure Installation video or Allure Ultra Installation video.


If you'd like to dive further into certain install steps, or you need to look into the other types of vinyl I mentioned, please reply back and we'll go from there!~ = )


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Posted 2012-01-26T15:03:29+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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