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Allure vinyl - protective coating?


I just installed my new Allure flooring yesterday over the concrete slab downstairs; (not the Ultra, but the other with the adhesive strips).  A few pointers from a friend with flooring experience, and I took it from there.  It was SO easy, I'd even be willing to say it looks like it was done by a pro :smileytongue: (though it was a very long day!).    It looks amazing - I love it!



It seems to scuff very easily; I'm finding marks on it that I'm not even sure how would have gotten there.

I didn't find anything in the guide either way, but do they have a product that can be used over the flooring to help keep it from getting scuffed and dulling?


Thanks for any suggestions,


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Posted 2011-07-17T19:10:33+0000  by Cheers Cheers

Hi Cheers glad to hear the install went off without a hitch! Between this and that stair project you were working on a while ago you are a DIY machine. As far as the scuffing issue goes, I think I may have just the product for you to try.


The Allure Floor Cleaner and Polish will take care of the scuffs with no problem and give you a protective barrier between stains and the floor.



I hope this helps and I'd love to see some pics of the Allure install you did. 



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Posted 2011-07-17T19:51:00+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Hi Chris-

Perfect, thank you - I'll go pick some up!


Here's a couple of pics of the floor - excuse the mess; working today on getting trim and such in place - as well as finishing those stairs!  (the walls are not the hideous yellow that it looks like in the picture - they're actually more of a fresh spring apple green!)


The flooring color (teak) ended up matching the stain I did on the wainscoting almost too well, but I think it helps add to the illusion of a wider room.     I took the flooring into the laundry closet as well as the pantry  The horizontal cuts at the end I would say were by far, the worst of it :smileymad:


Also a pic of the stairs so far - I'll post the finished ones to the original message - they WILL look better when I'm done :robotindifferent:.  I just finished all of the trim pieces, so I need to stain those now, and I'm going to run more quick coat of stain over all of it to try and even it out a little better before I seal it.  I'm not too happy with the color match on the stairs (to the floor) but, it seemed to be the closest option, aside from the premixed stain options like I used on the wainscot.









Posted 2011-07-17T20:32:37+0000  by Cheers

Cheers I have to say that looks fantastic! I'll be sure to book mark the original message so I can see the stairs when you're done. 




Posted 2011-07-18T13:00:42+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL



Those floors are looking great Cheers! Thanks for posting this for us on the community! 


That Allure looks great, and you are's EASY to install. And those steps don't look too bad either :smileyhappy:


Cheers, If you have any other neat home projects around the house, let us know, it looks like you've got a great start with your stairs and downstairs room!



Posted 2011-07-18T13:10:54+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Looks Awesome!  


You make it look so easy.


Whats next - building a room addition?:smileywink:



Posted 2011-07-18T15:02:29+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks guys :womanvery-happy:

The stairs look much better after the 2nd coat of stain - only problem now (okay, probably not the only...), is that the trim pieces I used in the corners, shoe molding (?), is a different wood than the rest (weren't any other choices), and it's not taking the stain very well.  I'm going to try to rough up those pieces a bit with some sanding and see if it grabs better, but otherwise, I'm at a loss there.  I just might have to go without a good match on that one part.


I did all of the trim in the room yesterday - casings and base; had already put the crown up with my brother's help, but I finished the sanding and did all the touch up paints - and it also looks awesome (no arrogance there, hahaha).  Tonight I need to try to install the new door to the pantry (pre-hung).  So, that will definitely be a whole new challenge, and I'm sure a very humbling experience, lol.


Trust me, lots more projects to go throughout the rest of the house.  You'll be hearing from me incessantly, I'm sure. 

Give me a couple more days and I'll get those finished stairs posted for you.


Again - thanks to all of you for your great help!

Posted 2011-07-19T00:39:36+0000  by Cheers

HI Chris-

Just wanted to bounce back to you after getting the polish on the floors.  It did help, and the floors look even prettier now.  I did two really light coats of the Satin finish and then two more thorough coats of the Satin.  I think I'm going to do one more run with the Rich Gloss just for a little extra protection and shine.



Posted 2011-07-27T03:59:06+0000  by Cheers

Come to think of it, one more quick Allure question-


At the bottom of the stairs, where the floor flows through the doorway, rather than trying to work a trim piece around the moldings, I was going to just run a thin bead of white caulk along the base of the sideboard from base of the stairs to the door to seal between the floor and the sideboard trim. 

I think adding another piece of base trim would just look too clunky, and I'd already put the shoe molding (glued and nailed) at the base of the stairs before I thought about maybe adding quarter rounds along the sides, so too late for that.. 


It seems there was something in the Allure booklet about not putting a rubber-backed mat on the floor, and I know caulk is completely different, but does the Allure have any sensitivity / reaction to caulk?



Posted 2011-07-27T06:53:14+0000  by Cheers

Hey there Cheers,


Just to give you some feedback on your question about caulking, I would recommend using a silicone type caulk if your going to do that, grated that the rest of the area has the required spacing along the walls. I've used it before on Allure when I installed it in a bathroom and the manufact. also recommends you use the same as well. So rest assured you'll be a-okay!


Great job on the room so far by the way! Thanks for putting up the pictures in our community = )

Posted 2011-07-29T13:43:40+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Hey there Cheers, it looks like Jay has you covered on the caulking question. That floor came out amazing! Love how deep and rich the finish looks. Thanks again for sharing with us.



Posted 2011-07-31T12:43:11+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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