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Annual Coleus

Annual Coleus 

Sun exposure: darker leaf coleus tolerate more sun, lighter leaves tolerate more shade

Spacing: 12 to 20 inches

Bloom time: Known for its brilliant colorful foliage

Soil: Miracle Gro Garden Soil, Soil Conditioner, Black Kow Cow Manure

Amend the soil with proper amendments for your soil type.

Fertilizer: Slow release granular Osmocote Outdoor and Indoor

Known for its brilliant colorful foliage, coleus come in just about any color combination imaginable. These beautiful, fast growing plants are some of the easiest annuals to grow and they are also known to be one of few plants that find a home on the shade tolerant plant list. Because of its fast growth, coleus require a little more water than many other plants.

Not all coleus like the shade but typically, the lighter its leaf, the more shade it can tolerate. Although it can bloom, it is not as spectacular as its foliage and therefore the bloom should be pruned off to help the plant bush out. more sun makes leaf colors more brilliant.

Coleus look amazing in pots as well as planted in the ground as a border or mass planting. Pruning this plant to the height that you want it will force out an abundance of leaves below the cut, making it exponentially fuller. Propagation for this plant is very simple, as cuttings will root in water, sand, peatmoss or potting soil within a matter of a few days.

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