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Annual Impatiens

Annual Impatiens 

Sun exposure: shade

Spacing: 8 to 12 inches

Bloom time: spring and summer and early fall

Soil: Miracle Gro Garden Soil, Soil Conditioner, Black Kow Cow Manure

Amend the soil with proper amendments for your soil type.

Fertilizer: Slow release granular Vigoro Flower Food or Water soluble Miracle Gro LiquiFeed

This shade loving annual is ideal for those places where most other things will not grow. Impatiens can take some morning sun or filtered sun. Raised beds work well for impatiens due to their need for fertile well drained soil. They are also a great choice for those pots by the front door that are sitting in the shade. Plants in pots will need a good potting soil like Miracle Gro Moisture control Potting Mix to drain properly. Impatiens come in double impatiens as well, which come with a more carnation like bloom.

Be sure to put down 2 inches of mulch like pine bark mini nuggets or pine mulch around them to hold in moisture and prevent you from having to water them every day during the hot months. Watering your plants from below with a soaker hose is ideal for impatiens. This plant commonly reseeds itself so don't be tricked into thinking its perennial.

Over the last few years impatiens have become harder to find in nurseries everywhere. Recently, downy mildew has become a big problem with impatiens with consumers and growers, which has brought downy resistant impatiens like the sun loving New Guinea Impatiens into nurseries. Downy  mildew creates a white powdery webbing on the bottom of the leaves. If you find this on your impatiens, immediately pull them up and throw them in the garbage.

Coleus, Caladiums, Greenleaf Begonias and Dragon Wing Begonias are great shade loving annuals to use in place of impatiens.

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