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Appliance Innovations


Appliance manufacturers are among the most innovative of all consumer product companies, each year manufacturers introduce new and exciting models aimed to make the everyday tasks in the home easier.

Let’s look at what’s new this year:


1. Samsung FlexWash Washer and Dryer

Last year LG introduced the SideKick pedestal washer, which replaces the full size washers pedestal with a mini washer, certainly innovative, but not the easiest to use mini washer.

This year Samsung has one-upped LG with the FlexWash Washer, this washer has the mini washer on the top of the machine, much easier to use and better integrated than the LG mini washer, as the controls water and drain connections are integrated.

The FlexWash has both washers’ controls right on the front of the machine making the use of both the large and small machines much easier. Wash your delicates in the mini washer and your regular loads in the full size washer at the same time. The mini washer is 1 cubic foot capacity and the full size washer is a huge 5.0 cubic foot capacity, one of the largest front load washers available today. The full size washer offers steam cycles, a 30 minutes super speed wash cycle and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Samsung has also created an innovative new dryer; the FlexDry Dryer offers the same innovative technology in a gas or electric dryer. Two dryers allows you to dry two loads at once, a full size 7.5 cubic foot standard dryer and the flat dry mini dryer for items you do not want to tumble, such as delicate items, shoes or wool sweaters. Both dryers offer steam and Wi-Fi connectivity.


2. Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator

Last year Samsung introduced the Family Hub Flex Refrigerator with four doors and an innovative touch screen I-Pad like computer on the front. This year it’s the next generation Family Hub 2.0, spreading the Family hub concept across their entire line of French Door refrigerators. 

The Family Hub has transformed the concept of the connected kitchen by enabling users to order and manage grocery shopping, connect with family and friends, and access entertainment right from the front of their refrigerator.



3. LG InstaView Door in Door Refrigerator


LG takes the door in door feature one-step farther, with the InstaView door, which has a glass

panel, just knock twice on the glass panel and the interior lights up showing you what’s inside. No need to open the door and let the cold air escape. It’s available in Smudge Proof Black Stainless Steel or Regular Stainless Steel.


4. Panasonic Induction Oven


This innovative new oven uses induction technology to cook your dinner in less than 30 minutes. Cook one pan meals, grill, bake, reheat all in the same oven. Panasonic uses a special die cast aluminum grill pan, which guides heat conducted from the center to the edges of the pan. This allows foods requiring different heating times to cook simultaneously. Preprogramed auto menus ensure optimum cooking results. Being induction the oven will not heat up your kitchen and it takes no more space than a regular microwave oven.


5. Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler


Reduce food waste in landfills and create your own homemade fertilizer, with the Whirlpool Zera Food Waste Recycler. Simply place up to a weeks’ worth of your discarded food waste in the unit and add the plant based additive made from coconut husk and baking soda to assist in the breakdown process.

Through a combination of oxygen, moisture, heat and an agitator the unit gradually produces a dry fertilizer for your lawn or garden. A carbon filter traps odors to prevent any unpleasant smell. The unit is counter height to allow easy counter top cleaning, just sweep of the food waste off the counter and into the unit. The only limitations are bones and pits, which cannot be processed. The Zera Food Recycler will be available later this year.



Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man


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