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Areca Palm, Chrysalidocarpus lutescens

Common Name: Areca Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Madagascar Palm

Type: Tropical tree

Family: Arecaceae

Zone: 9 to 11      Find Your Zone

Height: 15 to 30 feet

Width: 8 to 10 feet

Bloom Time: all year long

Bloom Color: white flower

Sun exposure: sun to partial shade

Soil: well drained sandy

Leaves: evergreen

Fertilizer: Fertilize with a Palm Fertilizer between late winter and early fall


This tree is not really prone to disease indoor and is among one of the best plants for purifying the air in a home. In the house this tree will not really grow more than 7 to 8 foot but outside it can reach 30 feet tall. Areca palms like to be watered heavily but do not like to sit in water. When used as an indoor plant, avoid direct sunlight by placing 5 to 6 foot away from a window. If leaves turn brown or yellow, cut them completely off. This is one of the easier palm trees to grow indoors. This is also a great indoor option because it is not toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. Outside, this plant prefers to be planted in filtered sun and grows at a moderate rate.

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