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Attic ladder install for unfinished garage; beef up storage on trusses

I am looking to add a drop-down attic ladder between trusses in an unfinished garage. The previous owner installed plywood to the bottom chord of half of the trusses for light-ish storage. We have been using a ladder leaning against the edge of the plywood for 5-10 years while we struggled to figure out this install. The trusses have survived this storage, and people walking around, for 25 years. Nothing has broken or appears to be deflecting, but I fear adding the weight of the ladder will strain the system too far, as well as adding more incentive for the next owners to store even more up there. 

The trusses appear to be prefab 2x4 king post with webbing, 24" on center. The bottom chord is in two pieces and all connection points within the truss use gang nail plates. Unfortunately the house blueprints include nothing on the ceiling/roofing of the garage. The garage is roughly 22'x24', where the trusses span the 22'. I haven't determined the rise/run for the roof slope, but there is roughly 5 feet at the peak- just enough to whack your head. 

I have been thinking about adding 2"x6"x12' joists sistered to the trusses, potentially with the addition of extra king posts to support the joint in the middle. I don't know if this adds too much weight to the whole system. Would it be better to build a "new" floor between the trusses and get all that weight off of them? Would that add too much weight to the walls of the garage? I'm equally unsure of how to support the middle of the span, as well as dodge the garage door bits below. 

If anyone can chime in on approach, or structural engineer hire, that would be great! I have tried to dig through forums or use online ask-an-engineer spaces for these answers and all have been unsatisfactory. Where does one even find a structural engineer for such a small project?
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Posted 2018-10-04T19:50:52+0000  by trembn2 trembn2
comment to add image of current ladder position. drop ladder intended to be installed in same space.
Posted 2018-10-04T19:53:58+0000  by trembn2
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