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I have decided to build myself a vacation home. I was thinking of building it somewhere warm, where there is fresh air, beautiful sites, close to wildlife, and really really close to my house….


I got it! I will follow one of my childhood dreams and build a tree house / vacation home!


The first step to building a tree house is to find the perfect tree. Make sure the tree is strong, safe, and full of life.  You also want a good “y” shaped tree.




The next step is to draw up plans as accurately as possible. Measure the tree at the desired height to get a good idea on the size your tree house platform is going to be.


gregg small.JPG


The main supports for the tree house are going to be pressure treated 2x12’s that are heavily bolted in to the tree on both sides.


tree 1.JPG


You are going then build your platform on top of this. Build the perimeter of the frame out of 2x6’s or 2x8’s (You will also be adding the floor joist perpendicular the main supports, but are not shown in the picture below). Then on each corner add a 2x8 on an angle going down to the tree below the main supports.


tree 2.JPG



Then add 4x4 posts vertically on each corner.  Make sure that the two posts on the front of the tree house are taller than the two on the back. You are doing this because you will be adding your on top of these post and the difference in height will create a nice angel.


tree 3.5.JPG


After the posts are installed you can add decking board onto the platform as a floor. Leave hole between the floor joists big enough for you to fit through!

deck hole.JPG


 Most small tree houses are built a lot like a deck.  I would add walls that go up about four feet.  Do this by adding 2x4’s around the perimeter four feet above the platform.  Screw the 2x4’s into the 4x4 posts. Then I would use pressure treated 1x6’s as paneling on all four walls (Paneling not shown in picture).


tree 3.5.JPG



Now add a 2x6 across the front two 4x4s and another connecting the shorter back two 4x4’s together. Then add 1x6's on top from front to back to create the roof. If you don't want to use wood you can also use a plastic tarp.


tree 3.JPG


You can build a permanent wooden ladder off the hole you left in the decking or add a rope ladder.


Now all you need is a comfy chair and a bucket of water balloons to protect you castle!


Building a tree house can be an extremely fun project especially when you are working with your children. I can't wait to start this project with my son when he is older.


Has anyone built a tree house before? If so please share how you did it or any ideas you might have on my plans. I am curious to hear about what has been done and I am open to new ideas.-Gregg

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Posted 2011-06-02T20:13:45+0000  by gotogregg gotogregg

I built my own pole shed using wood, tools and screws from Home Depot. Plus I just adore the "cull pile" at Home Depot where you can buy scrap wood for a discounted price. That means those of us who don't have a huge budget can still realize our novice building dreams!


Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:



Posted 2011-06-05T22:44:02+0000  by dldarcy

Hey dldarcy,


Thanks for joining the community and thanks for sharing your great videos on here! I like the fact that anyone can tackle a project such as this without being subjected to forking out thousands of dollars as you stated to make something timely and timeless as a pole shed.


My hats off to you.



Posted 2011-06-06T15:25:17+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I am wanting to build a treehouse with my daughter, but I have not really built anything before. Thank you for the outline for the basic way to build a treehouse. I have a question though. How do you lay the platform around the tree trunks?

Posted 2012-08-16T00:05:40+0000  by sk630

Hey sk630,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


If you were referring to the placement of main supports in 

Using the 2 x12 bolted in will give you the foundation for the treehouse. In terms of how the platform will be constructed, you'll need to access to a mitre saw to make any angles you'll need to have the 2 x 8 supports go on correctly.


Gregg's images illustrate this better than me explaining it. Also look at fellow member dldarcy's YouTube videos to see any specific details. There's more than one way to successfully build a treehouse, and we have the information already here for you to see the how-to of this great project.


Hope this has helped you out,



Posted 2012-08-27T18:57:57+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

i wish i can build a tree house :(

Posted 2013-01-09T12:23:47+0000  by laura01
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