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Bad Generators + Repair center fraud

I bought 2 generators from you.
the first one broke shortly after buying it. I sent it in for repairs, told it was going to be several months, so I bought a different one.
Been using the second one for a while,  got back the first one (after having to pay for repairs even though they were due to a defect) put it directly from repair center into storage.
Second one stopped working, sent it in for repairs. brought out the first one that was directly as-is back from repairs, put gas and oil in. Did not start even once. Sent it back too

so now you have both generators, and your repair center is saying both of them are going to be 1000$ + each to repair (much more then the purchase prices of both)  Both claiming the same reasons - lack of maintenance/low oil.  I have several issues with this. 1. both generators have advertised a low oil cut off feature to protect from this. so why do I have to pay for this not working as advertised. 2. both had oil full in them when sent in so this was a complete lie. 

It really seems that your repair center just makes up excuses to charge for repairs. the first one I paid for repairs just for them to send it back with more needed in repairs then originally sent in. 

The people who answer the phones at the repair center are very unhelpful, barely speak english and say "I am not a technician" whenever I have questions about the work being performed.

I would like a refund for the first repairs that were not done and a refund for both broken units that should have been covered by warranty. These are defects in very poorly built products. important components are made of plastic and easily break, and the advertised protection features are faulty.  I believe your repair center is committing fraud on how they diagnose and bill warranty repairs. 
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Posted 2020-03-23T18:32:04+0000  by BFeist BFeist