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Barn workshop condensation issues

I recently purchased a home which has a huge detached barn. I am in the process of setting up a workshop in one section of the barn. I have some tools set up already (radial arm saw, mitre saw, table saw, band saw) but i noticed the issue really bad on my drill press. The table is starting to rust! I had a hammer laying on a table in their and picked it up. The side facing up is rusting, the side against the table is fine. I know how to remove the rust, but I want to be able to have this shop set up to be used for making furniture. What is the best way I can prevent moisture in the air so I don't have this issue with my tools??? 
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Posted 2016-01-06T09:18:56+0000  by celonaman celonaman
Hello celonaman,

WOW! What a great workshop ... except for the moisture.

Install and leave several ceiling fans running.

The motion of the air will rapidly evaporate the moisture.

Install and leave running a dehumidifier ... or operate your central air conditioning unit if that area has one.

With the moisture airborne, your dehumidifier will collect and discharge moisture either to a drain or outside the building.


When the weather is cooler, your heater will serve to help evaporate moisture.

In addition, insulation and a vapor barrier should help level the temperature and prevent moisture from transferring from outside to inside.

And, take time to investigate other water sources like non-functioning downspouts, landscaping that directs water toward the building instead of away from the building, and foundation walls that leak through cracks or joints between the wall and floor.

Posted 2016-01-07T13:58:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hello celonaman and welcome to the Community.



A barn is not considered a conditioned area. It is basic shelter from the elements, blocking wind and rain.  It also may hold increase amounts of moisture because of the lack of air circulation.   


In contrast, your home is a conditioned area that you have sealed from the elements.  You have insulated it to control the transfer of temperature and moisture.  If you have an area in your home with an excess of moisture or humidity you can control that by using a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers regulate humidity by removing excess moisture from the air. The way it works is as follows:

Air is drawn into the unit by a fan

Air passes over a cold surface

As the air is cooled, its moisture condenses

Water falls into the container

Air is re-heated by the heat recovery system and return to the room


If you want to effectively control the moisture in your barn work shop you will have to create a more controlled environment.


Enclose the area to a more workable space.  Within that enclosure, insulate to control the temperature and humidity.  Controlling these factors is very important in woodworking.


At the very least improve your air flow with ventilation and air mover.


I would suggest you research designs for a wood working shop and develop a plan that will suit your particular needs.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-01-07T15:49:37+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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