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There are numerous options to consider when purchasing a new bathroom vanity.  A bathroom vanity can be used many times a day in a shared bathroom, be part of a luxurious spa setting, or simply have occasional visitors.  The vanity top will see the most action since it dispenses the water, holds the toothbrushes, and gets the brunt of everyday living.  The vanity cabinet houses the hairbrushes, stashes the towels, and holds the cleaning supplies.  It is the most versatile piece of furniture in the home.

Replacing a bathroom vanity can be as easy as exchanging the current vanity with a same-sized new one.  In most cases, the new vanity will be a different size, style and have additional features.  You may need to replace the faucet, change the plumbing supply lines, then repair or replace the backsplash and floor if the new profile is different from the existing vanity.   Coordinating pieces such as a mirror and towel rod can complete the look in the bathroom.  You may need additional tools or an installer to complete the project. 

There are many decisions that will need to be made.  First, review what you like about your current vanity – and what you do not like about it.  Then decide which features are most important to you in this bathroom space.  Finally, consider the options available – from size and style to installation and maintenance features.  You can narrow the search and find the best vanity for your needs by determining your style, space, time and money requirements. 

Style: A Matter of Opinion

Vanities are available in many styles, finishes, and construction materials.  Do you like a sleek industrial look?  What about a contemporary modern look?  Are smart design details important to you?   Do you prefer a cottage influence?  Do you want classic elegance?   Is a basic vanity all you need?

Once the style of the vanity cabinet has been selected, the vanity top choices are even more diverse.  Materials include laminate, solid surface, composites, glass, quartz, travertine, and granite.  Some surfaces are easy to clean while others may scratch or knick easily. 

Finally, consider the amount of storage space needed then select appearance features such as drawer options or open shelving to meet your unique requirements.  Do you need soft closing door and drawer hinges?  Do you need adjustable shelves?  Will the vanity need to coordinate or match other furniture pieces in the bathroom or in an adjoining bedroom suite?



Space: Location, Location, Location

Identify who will use the new vanity: the whole family, children, guests only, tall people or persons with limited mobility?  A double vanity has two sinks – great for large families or domestic tranquility.  Taller vanities are more accommodating for taller folks who will not have to bend down as far to use the top.  Persons in wheelchairs may need a vanity of accessible height. 

Measure the cabinet dimensions (length, width and height from the floor).  Look inside the cabinet to see where the faucet supply lines and drain trap are situated.  Changing the width of the vanity may require repair or replacement of the floor for the new footprint.  Replacing the backsplash or sidesplashes may necessitate wall repair or new splashes.  Corner vanities can accommodate the unique spaces as long as the plumbing can be properly configured.

Another important consideration is how you will get the new vanity into your home and into the space.  Be sure that you can move a large piece of furniture up stairs and through doorways.

Time: Now and Forever

An in-stock vanity with attached vanity top and integral sink may be suitable for a quick renovation project that can be completed in a few hours.  Designing a unique vanity will require some measuring and planning; your vanity will be built and shipped in a few weeks.  The Home Decorators Collection Selections Vanity Program allows you to create a unique vanity and top.  The MasterBath Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinetry Program can be used to design a custom vanity. The St. Paul Vanity Top Customizer Tool offers many options for the vanity top in variable widths, depths, material, number of bowls, additional faucet holes and edge profile; backsplashes and sidesplashes are also available.  If furniture grade décor is required, a Kitchen Designer at your local Home Depot store can design bath furniture through select custom cabinet vendors. 

Purchasing the vanity is only the beginning of a long-term relationship.  Consider how often the vanity top will need to be cleaned and if special cleaners are needed.  An infrequently used guest bath will need occasional cleaning but a children’s vanity may need cleaning morning and evening!  Solid surface vanity tops that endure frequent cleaning will look great for years.  A spa bath vanity with a granite or marble top will require gentle cleaning and special attention to ensure a continued beautiful look.  Vanity wood cabinets that are exposed to frequent changes in humidity, heat and water will need extra care to ensure a long life. 

Money: Now Get Down to Business

A new vanity is not the only cost for this project.  Installation and accessories should be included in the budget for the new bathroom vanity. 

Installing the vanity will require some help and common tools.  Now is a great time to change the water supply lines and add a shut-off valve (if not already present).  Consider using an installer if plumbing supply lines need to be moved.  The vanity cabinet will need to be secured to the wall.  Undermount sinks will need to be adhered to the vanity top before the top is attached to the cabinet.   A new vanity may need a new faucet.  Installing a vessel sink over the vanity top requires a faucet that has a high spout that extends over the vessel and needs a matching pop-up drain. 

In addition to the vanity, vanity top, sink and faucet, other bath fixtures may be necessary to finish the bathroom project including coordinating mirrors, lighting fixtures and towel rods.  Depending upon the profile change from the existing vanity, the wall may need to be repaired and painted.  A separate backsplash can be installed once the vanity is in place.  If the new bathroom vanity footprint has changed, consider repairing or replacing the flooring surface as needed.


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