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Bathroom electrical issues

I am replacing wall switches in my bathroom, there is a GCFI plug, fan switch and light switch. There are two additional wires coming from another bathroom from the back wall on the other side. The fan was installed later so there is a jumper wire. My issue is everything works, turns on and off except the light switch will NOT turn off. What could be my issue?
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Posted 2018-10-31T13:16:35+0000  by HAM HAM
That's quite a mess and there are a bunch of code violations.  Frankly, you might be better off hiring a licensed electrician to fix it.

  • Not "workman" like (nice way of saying sloppy)
  • Too much cable jacket inside the box
  • Wires inside the box appear too short
  • The appears to be both 14 and 12 gauge wires (it's sometimes tough to tell from pictures)
  • The bare copper ground wires need to be twisted far more neatly and capped with either a wire nut or crimp.
  • No idea what that loop of cable is coming in at the bottom of the box.  It looks like it might provide power to the switch on the right.  If so, then just a short pigtail was all that was necessary (like the red wire going to the fan switch), not an entire piece of cable.
  • Maybe you haven't gotten there yet but both switches need to be grounded.

Unfortunately I can't tell why your light won't turn off.  From what I can tell, while sloppy, everything should work.  What happens if you disconnect one of the two wires from the switch on the right.  If the light goes off, then the switch is bad.
Posted 2018-11-01T02:37:03+0000  by Adam444
Hi Ham,

Adam 444 said it, call a professional, your safety is priceless.

Posted 2018-11-05T19:50:42+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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