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Behr paint coverage problem

My wife & I purchased a gallon of Behr Ultra Premium Plus interior satin paint in "Silver Leaf" (white) for a stairway & landing repaint project.  We were painting over a latex paint (also white) that was approximately 20-years old.  There were a lot of nail 'pops', which were re-seated, spackled, sanded, wet-sponged to feather the edges and finally brush painted to seal before painting. 


The walls were then painted and, after it had dryed, we were disappointed to notice blotches where the repairs had been done.  A 2nd coat was applied which helped a bit, but the bloches were still evident.  After the 2nd coat, we were out of paint (never had to use that much paaint on a similar project before) and returned to Home Depot to buy a 2nd one.   A 3rd coat was subsequently applied, with the blotches a bit better, but still quite visable.


We contacted Behr and talked with a Rep. who confirmed we were doing everything correctly and offered to return our  $$ on the first gallon.  That was great customer service, but the point is, we should not have had this problem and needed to repaint several times with such an expensive paint, in our opinion.  We've been painting for 40+ years and have never had this happen before.


Has anyone else experienced similar problems with Berh Ultra Plus ? 

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Posted 2011-03-01T16:55:56+0000  by mrplates mrplates




 What exactly is your complaint? The number of gallons neccessary to cover 1124 sf ? What was the total number of gallons for how many coats? What was the color being painted over and what exactly was the color being applied? How "dry" were the walls?


There are many variables in how well a paint covers and how many coats will be neccessary. Without complete and accurate information no one, including a paint associate at HD, can give an you any more than a ballpark figure.


To quote a biblical phrase, "light a candle rather than curse the darkness!"

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Posted 2013-08-11T18:17:11+0000  by ordjen

Hi mrplates, 


Sorry to hear about your experience. We spoke to a Behr paint representative and explained your issue.  The rep said the issue is that the paint is being applied to almost two different surfaces and even though the surface has been spackled and sanded, the paint still recognizes the imperfections - especially when shinier paints are used.

I'd still like to have Tinzley from our customer care department look into this specific project for you. Can you email her directly at

Posted 2011-03-03T19:18:21+0000  by HomeDepotTia

Thanks for looking into my problem.  I understand what the Behr Rep. is saying, but I have done this same repair dozens of times and have never had any problem like this.  I have emailed Tinzley and look forward to her comments as well.


Thanks again,


Posted 2011-03-05T00:21:59+0000  by mrplates

There is no problem here. Operator error.


All repairs need to be spot primed before painting due to the different rates of suction on a painted wall and the adjacent repair. Seal all repairs with primer before painting and there will be no problem.

Posted 2011-03-21T19:24:25+0000  by paintguy606

I just spent way too much money and time on Behr Paint...again.  Walls were completely white primered.  After coming close to running out of paint because coverage was horrible.  I decided to start over.  Primered, bought another brand of paint and within two EASY TO APPLY COATS, the walls looked great.  Twenty years ago I was talked into buying Behr Paint when working on my first house.  Had to go through the same process then.  While having a weak moment at Home Depot, the salesman talked me into it again...came me some excuse about 20 years of improvements.  Should of followed my instincts and NEVER BUY IT AGAIN.  And on the operator's painting.  There are some basics which you learn with your first room painting.

Posted 2011-04-12T01:59:35+0000  by 20yrsofDIY



Which brand did you use ? I have similar situation where there are several areas spackled... and one core reason for painting is to hide all those areas..


appreciate your resolve in doing the work again... i would have dropped off when it failed the 3rd time..


-- i am a newbie to DIY..




Posted 2011-04-15T20:14:27+0000  by kunis

I am having a similar issue with the Behr Premium Paint/Primer all in one. I am the first person to live in my condo and it is @18 months old. The room I am painting has been painted once before by the property developer prior to me purchasing the unit. The room is currently an antique white and I am changing the color to a dark grey. I finished putting my third coat on today and the walls are still splotchy. It just looks terrible. I have put two full gallons of Behr Premium Paint with Primer on the walls of a 14x15 room. Since mine is new construction I did not have any repair work that had to be completed prior to painting. I cleaned the walls and used what I was told by HD to be the best paint and roller cover (Purdy) available. I have renovated two houses in the past and painted more rooms than I care to recall and I have never had this issue before now. I believe the problem here is with the Behr Paint. When I went back to my local HD to buy the 2nd gallon of paint for my room I shared my experience with the associate behind the paint counter. His only suggestion was that if I felt the issue was caused by the paint I should try using a different brand such as Martha Stewart next time. I will go one step further since that was the best and only suggestion he could make. Next time I will simply go to Lowes.

Posted 2011-09-08T06:27:37+0000  by ExperiencedDIY

Hi ExperiencedDIY,


Can you email so we can look into this directly for you?


Posted 2011-09-08T13:02:00+0000  by HomeDepotTia

Behr Ultra is called a self-priming paint. Most manufacturers now have similar paints on the market. They are not new. If you look down toward the end of the exterior paint section, you'll find Behr's Stucco, Brick and Masonary paint. It's self-priming too and has been available for years.


This is strictly my observation and opinion. If we look at how paint is made there are quite a few parts that go into make it. There is obviously the pigment. Behr uses more titanium dioxide than most anyone else out there. That's why their ultra pure white is so white. Next you have a binder. The binder is the glue part of paint. Let's face it, all paint is is colored glue, it has to stick to a surface. Then you have drying agents, blocking agents, sealing agents, mildewcides, etc.


It also has extra small particles of solids in it. This is what they call Nanoguard Technology. Think of a wall built only of softballs. As you stack the softballs on top of one, the wall ends up with a diamond or triangular shaped holes. Now, if you fill those holes with BB's, you have a much more solid wall. Think of the BB's in this example as Nanoguard particles. This technology gives a much more dense and durable paint film.


Primer/sealers have some of the same ingredients and completely different ones. Ultra uses a binder similar to one found in a primer. They also add some sealing agents similar to what is found in a primer. Because of this, in most cases it does the job of both a primer coat (first coat) and the finish coat. The quality of the paint and it's ingredients also lends itself to great hide over most of the other paints on the market. This is why Ultra and similar paints from other manufacturers are called Paint and Primer in one, or self-priming paints.


Notice above that I said, "most cases." While I have used Ultra quite successfully as a self priming paint, there are cases where I will still apply a primer first, then follow up with Ultra to take advantage of that dense and durable paint film. If I had a red wall which I wanted to paint antique white, I would prime that wall first, then apply my Ultra. A top quality primer can't be beat for blocking that red. I would also tint my primer close to the antique white color.


Like the situation mentioned here, I would still use a top quality primer over extensive repairs due to the issues that were mentioned by Behr and others. If you're talking about a couple nail holes thats one thing, but a lot of spackle or joint compound spread all over the wall is going to be much more noticeable due to the differences in surfaces and their porosity. With this being said, spot priming is never a great option in my book, for this very reason. Prime the entire wall surface so everything is consistent.


Consistency, it's one of the biggest rules of painting, whether you're talking about broad wall paints or faux/decorative techniques. Same surface types, same amount of paint over the same amount of surface area, etc.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2011-09-09T22:25:49+0000  by Paul

this site keeps kcking me out, so i will shorten my non technical, consumer approach with the following proviso, as someone who dealt with the song beverly consumer protection adt in the state of calif which most used to call the lemon law, the retailer is responsible for curing the problem and making the customer whole, i.e. either financially, or repainting the space AT THE RETALER DISCRETION. so i cant just come in and say, its not quite good enough and it the retailer says he will fix it i cant say no i wont all my money back. period. you take the average of performance claims, both online, in literature  AND VERBALLY BY ANY REP , and if you are over 20 percent out of round that is your loss. easy right? the paint is not what it is advertised as, because it is advertised toway diy, right? NO and here is the kicker, any attempt to deislaim the watty thtough declaration or trickery, fraud or forgery all bets are off the conusmer wins=


n ow, i hired 3 pros to paint appros 1124.31 sf (math geeks think the word approx hilarious) and because 4 bought paint at a diff time. bottom line, 6 gals more than the highest est. ll i found out i had the cont call hd and i was to go in and crunch some numbers and do the right thing, i thought he had called martinez hd, where i took in what arnold had told me that i needed, and proceded to be told the most egregious nontruths, to the point where i finally told the mgr that what he was claiming was impossible etc, anyway, i woujld like a call from Home Depot immediately , as one option is that he misunderstood the situation and probably did not mean to insult me attempt to bully an employee tio back him up and to do the one thing you do not what to do in cal which is to deny and then disclaim implied express and verbal warranties which is the only backstop agaisnt XCONUMER misconduct  in the the ca.cons wtty protection act, formally the lemon law for cars which has been expanded to consumer products with special attention to elec and diy as negotied 3 sessions ago, so yah, since i was and cont to be the middle of it, im LIKE a used car dealer, AND when you sell an product inferior to your claims and/or perception as displayed

Posted 2011-10-10T13:16:26+0000  by mmcfar56
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