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Blizzard in New England 2013

Blizzard of 2013 Here in New England Massachusetts


We were very fortunate we invested in wood stove years ago and boy did it pay off when we lost power. If you live in the east coast and you don’t have a generator here are a few ideas of what to do. Make sure you have plenty of canned goods such as tuna, canned chicken, soup, snacks such as potato chips etc. Stay hydrated plenty of bottled water we always have this in the house.  Dig out the water cooler and add some snow to the inside of it and put your deli meats, yogurt, fruits, vegetables etc inside and lock it up from critters. You don’t want squirrels or raccoons getting into it. Don’t want your meat going bad after the storm and you still don’t have power have a barbecue one way of not having to throw away the meat. Stock up on flash lights batteries, candles, books, and board games sometimes it can be a while before the power comes back. We were fortunate we got ours back in 24 hours some people had to wait 3-4 days. As a society we are spoiled you don’t realize how important electricity is.


Start of the storm




A few hours later




Towards the evening









At night  You couldn’t see anything in front of your face winds were howling and at this point we had lost power around 9:00pm on Friday night 2/8/2013. We did not get power until about 9:00pm the following day which was Saturday. Actual shot outside.




After Math Trees knocked down and Shrubs Mangled some spring cleaning to be done when spring arrives




The Fun Part Shoveling, that’s right I shoveled all that lol.





My neighborhood lots of snow!!!!




Those are a few tips and pictures that you can see how we deal with snow on the eastcoast.If anyone on the east coast who were affected by this storm and has pictures post them up on here i'd like to take a look.

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Posted 2013-02-19T16:49:51+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS Soheil_HD_BOS



The nighttime blizzard image really makes you feel the intensity of the storm ... I can almost feel the snow flashing past!


And your second image "A few hours later" is like a picture postcard!


Very artistic!


And very strong visual information.


Love the images! Very powerful!


We get two days of winter in Atlanta and everyone is "freezing!!!"


Glad you're OK!

Posted 2013-02-19T18:53:09+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank You PatInPaint can you believe all those pictures were taken with my iphone inside and outside of the home.Two days of winter ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wish we had those. we have been very fortunate last year we did not have a winter and this year we continued that path until this storm but next month is spring for us. I guess one big storm not too bad.

Posted 2013-02-19T19:29:02+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

Thanks for the great pictures PaintAvenger.


Us out here on the West Coast don't get to see anything like that up close and personal unless we rent a cabin in the mountains. Even then it has to be timed just right to have that heavy of a snow fall.


We just had a pretty good system go through last night so the mountains in the distance look really pretty from the office window.



Thats about as close as it gets to us out here so I really appriciate you shairing your photos and advise on being prepaired. We can use the same tips to be ready for the next earthquake.


Hope everything is starting to get back to normal out there on the East Coast.


Keep the great pictures coming. We love seeing them. 




Posted 2013-02-20T18:54:54+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Thank you SheCanDoit22 things are back to normal, but i heard yesterday on the news were suppose to have another storm coming saturday. Thanks for your great pictures you have a gorgeous view from your office. I always found that fascinating about california great weather sunny but snow in the mountains a little of both :) I'll have to make my way over there some day :)

Posted 2013-02-21T13:51:55+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

Totally awesome pictures from both of you! We are expecting another storm this week end, in Boston, and we had a bit of snow, 4 inches, since the blizzard! Heavy, wet snow this time they are predicting!


The shots from the office are amazing!! To see snowcapped mountains looking over palm trees, for us New Englanders, is crazy!!   I love it!   I think we should do a coast to coast switch, so you can experience the weather first hand here!  Actually and selfishly….. It is just because I miss the sun so much!


Thanks both of you for the connection!          Bostonroots

Posted 2013-02-21T14:37:15+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

My driveway in Rhode Island!



Posted 2013-02-26T17:44:56+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS
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