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Bonnie Plants Hanging Strawberry Baskets

Sometimes I take things for granted or I overlook the greatness of something very special like that pint of strawberries at the grocery store, I just go in and pick it up roll through the register and take it home to rinse and add to my yogurt or slice them up for a delectable strawberry shortcake. Recently strawberries became the subject of many conversations which cause me to stop and really appreciate the delicious gems that they are. 

Strawberries can take months from planting until harvest and just a pint of strawberries is the result of much devotion to the plants, lots of time and energy, with numerous hours of maintenance, watering and the constant battle to keep the strawberries safe from hungry wildlife is never-ending, but every moment is worth it once you taste the “fruits of the labor”.

Strawberries are the true jewels of the summertime! The tiny, yet plump crimson berries capture the essence of the sun and the rain along with the heat and sacred summer breezes.....all of these bits of summer all encapsulated within the seed cover skin, resulting in a the sweet, juiciness, that only strawberries can hold, strawberries are pure joy!

Sharing a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream with my 4 and a half year old granddaughter is a delightful experience, her eyes light up with the mention of a potential dessert of strawberries and whipped cream if she eats all her dinner. As she savored her well deserved dessert the other night, she look up at me and asked why they call strawberries, strawberries…I was stumped!

Once the last of the berries were eaten and every spec of whipped cream was licked, I took the time to find out the origin of the name “strawberry”.  It seems that straw was laid along side of the strawberry mounds once they were planted, so simple and elementary it all made perfect sense to me once I read the article. You have to understand that as strawberries form, if they are in contact with the soil, the fruit will form and pull the earth within the berry, that is why strawberries are usually planted at the top of a mound or in a strawberry pot that has pockets to allow for a clean space in which to form. Straw also keeps the soil cool, retains moisture and keeps the weeds at bay. Not only did we enjoy our dessert but we gained a bit of strawberry wisdom as well J


I have watched the Bonnie Plant hanging strawberry baskets push out ruby berries all season. The plants are abundant with ripe and new forming berries all the time, the ever-bearing variety of strawberries produces fruit from late spring until the frost.

The Bonnie hanging strawberry basket are very special, a customer told me that she purchase a basket in the spring and every time her grandson comes to her house he picks his own berries, “Only one or two at a time but the pleasure of seeing him pick them and eat them right off the plant is wonderful” she said.

I had another great encounter with a customer under the strawberry baskets at the West Roxbury, Ma. Home Depot this season, a young father of three was instructed by his dad to go to Home Depot and get some vegetable and fruit plants to plant with his children, the grandfather called in the order from Ohio. The grandfather and grandmother will be coming for a visit at the end of August so this young dad was following instruction with no idea of what or how to plant anything.

“I need something easy” he said, so we went through the herbs and vegetables and picked some wonderful plants and we discussed the best practices for maintaining and growing and we talked about harvesting, he got so excited to share all of this with his children. He kept looking up at the strawberry plants, he was amazed that there they were just growing up there, “they grow just hanging there”? “Yes” I said, “it is just that simple, just add sun and water and harvest right from the pot”! I was just as excited as he was at this point.

I then reached up and plucked a beautiful ripe strawberry from the hanging basket and handed it to him, I told him that there is nothing sweeter than a sun ripened strawberry warmed by the sun, he took the strawberry and just held it in his hand, I said “just eat it you will be amazed”, he then bowed his head showing me his yarmulke, “my religion and culture does not allow me to eat this unless it is washed several times first”, I was enlighten, I had no idea, I thanked him for teaching me. The appreciative customer took a napkin and wrapped the strawberry up to take home and clean, and he also bought two strawberry hanging basket for his children, and his father I imagine.

I then plucked another strawberry that was warm and ripe from the sun and I then shared a bit of my culture, I told him that my very Irish-catholic, grandmother told me when I was little, “you will eat a peck of dirt before you die” and I popped the strawberry right into my mouth, and we both laughed.

Do not take a moment of summer for granted, there is abundance of joy in one strawberry at a time.....pick up some joy in a pot, the Bonnie Plants strawberry baskets will gone before you know it just like the summer!  Stop by your local Home Depot and pick up an ever-bearing strawberry planter and experience the jewels of the summer one berry at a time!


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