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Bromeliad off shoots

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to plant the shoots of a mother bromeliad plant?
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Posted 2015-03-05T04:10:27+0000  by thetabs1 thetabs1

Hey thetabs1.

I have written an article for your question. I hope you find it informative. Click on the link below and feel free to hit me up with any questions that you may have. Thank you for the question.

Posted 2015-03-05T16:42:12+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
Greeting Ingar and thetabs1,


This is my favorite Bromeliad in it native environment in South America: Aechmea Fasciata or "Silver Vase or Urn Plant".

The pink bracts in the center can take up to five years to appear; they then produce striking, tiny, purple or red flowers. The flowers do not last long but the beautiful pink cluster can last months and months. 

Once the mother plant starts to fade, small off shoots called "pups" are visible at the base of the plant.
The pups should grow to be 4-5 inches tall or 4 months old before they are planted in their own pot. 

Orchid mix works great for a pre-mixed soil media, bromeliads, like orchids, are in the epiphyte family of plants, needing more bark that soil to survive.

A customer once told me that the Fasciata Bromeliad grew in his homeland and it was said that; the silvery leaves have a powder coating to protect the leaves from insects, "Once the insect lands on the leaf the insect cant keep its footing and they slide right down into the reservoir in the cup and meet their fate"! 

Posted 2015-03-05T19:36:55+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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