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Building wooden support discs for a pipe drum

Hello, I am building a PVC pipe drum from instructions provided at the following link. I need to identify the tools I need to complete the project:

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Posted 2015-10-15T22:23:03+0000  by jdavidhale jdavidhale
Hello jdavidhale.  Welcome to the Community!

Let's start with the wood pieces:

To cut the plywood into circles, as well as cut the support pieces to length will require a jig saw and wood blade.

The outside diameter of 2" schedule 40 PVC pipe is 2.375".  You will need a drill and a 2 3/8" hole saw to cut the holes that the pipes fit into.

You will also need sandpaper to smooth things out and maybe to enlarge the 2 3/8" holes slightly to get just the right fit for the tubes.  80 grit will work well here.

A screwdriver will be needed to mount the supports on to the circular wood pieces, and a small drill bit with the drill you bought will pre-drill the screw holes.  Size of drill bit depends on the shank size of the screws you use.

For the PVC pipes:

You will need a way to cut the pipes and the flanges.  A PVC hand saw would work well for this.

More of that 80 grit sandpaper will work for smoothing the rough edges of your cut pipes.

Mr. Havlena used a hot glue gun to secure the PVC tubes into the wood.

You will need PVC primer and glue to attach the PVC supports/flanges to the pipes up on top, as well as to connect the pipes and elbows together.

Lastly, a small hammer is always useful for fitting parts together that need a little persuasion.



Posted 2015-10-16T15:11:11+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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