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Buy a slide in or freestanding range?

I am attempting to buy a gas range to replace an electric range in a home just purchased.  I see that some ranges are described as "slide in" and others are described as "freestanding".  While I assume that freestanding means that one can place the range anywhere this range is going to be put between 2 kitchen cabinets.  Since I don't really see any of the ranges I'm interested in described as "slide in", can I buy either kind given the circumstances described above.  I already know there is a capped off gas line in the slot.
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Posted 2015-03-17T01:24:47+0000  by AnteaterFan AnteaterFan
There are three styles of ranges - free standing, slide-in, and drop-in.

Free standing is by far the most common.  It has a "back splash" that often contains the controls and a clock.  They fit into standard openings and match counter heights.

Slide-in ranges omit the back splash and move the controls to the front.  They also fit into standard openings and match counter heights.  People choose this style for a "cleaner" look.  Functionally the two are the same.

Drop-in ranges do not sit on the floor but rather on a small platform that's typically part of the cabinetry.  Because they are less popular choices are generally more limited that with free standing or slide-in ranges.  For most people, a drop-in is usually a replacement for an existing range.

Posted 2015-03-17T15:49:50+0000  by Adam444

Hello AnteaterFan and welcome to The Community!  We are glad that you are here. 

First – congratulations on the new home!  You have been doing some homework by checking that the capped-off gas line is readily available. 

Freestanding ranges usually feature a backsplash that houses the controls.  The sides are finished.  The countertop will not be a continuous surface and cooking debris can fall between the side of the range and the adjoining cabinet.  They are generally less expensive than slide-in ranges.  A free-standing range can be easily moved into position or into another location in the kitchen as long as there is the proper fuel source. 

Slide-in ranges have up-front controls and fit between cabinets into the countertop for a smooth, unbroken surface.  The sides are not finished (the range is designed to fit between two cabinets so you will not see the sides) and there is a lip which fits between the top of the range and the countertop to create the continuous surface.  

It sounds like the soon-to-be-replaced electric range a slide-in appliance. 

1. Check the countertop behind the current range (slide-in units usually have up to a 2-inch space behind the range or a filler strip to cover a gap).  This would need to be removed before installing a free-standing range.

2. Look at the backsplash and see if the coverage is sufficient for the new range.  There may be an empty space that needs to be filled in or some backsplashes may need to be removed to fit the new free-standing range. 

3. Check the dimensions of the new free-standing range to determine how far out it will extend from the adjoining cabinet fronts. 

4. Confirm the width requirement to meet the minimum air gap for ventilation and placement (moving the range into position).  Carpentry work may need to be done to the cabinets and countertops to house the new appliance. 

5. Where are the free-standing range control knobs: in the front or rear of the unit?  Do you need to install guards to keep little helpers from attempting to cook?  Will the control knobs affect cooking with tall or large pots on the rear burners?  Can the cooks in the family reach the knobs?

6. Installation of a new gas range through The Home Depot requires an anti-tip device, new gas flex connection kit (existing connection parts will not be reused), a natural gas supply line with shut off valve located directly behind the appliance and a 110V grounded 3 prong electrical outlet within reach of the power cord.  The Home Depot can only install for appliances operating on natural gas (not liquid propane) fuel.  Slide-in ranges may require a measure fee through the local store to ensure that the dimensions and utility connections will be suitable for installation; additional charges may be incurred.

Please keep us posted on your progress and best wishes in your new kitchen!

Posted 2015-03-17T17:07:36+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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