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Can You Help Me Learn How To ... ?

Frequently, I have customers who timidly ask "When is your class on how to ... ?" and they list a project.


They seem to think that our DIY Classes are the only time instruction is offered.


DIY Class dates, times, and topics are listed on the message board just inside the front entrance.


And we love hosting them!


But many DIYers are surprised when I break out supplies and conduct an impromptu class on the spot.


None of Home Depot's positioning statements say it better than, "You Can Do It. We Can Help."


We're a company built on service to customers and product knowledge ... not just on days we offer a class, but every day!


And, every customer should expect Associates who really know "How To" use products as well as have the desire to share their knowledge to help customers get great results.


So, when you encounter an orange apron at The Store, don't hesitate to ask, "Can you show me how to ... ?"


If your Associate isn't knowledgeable, be certain to ask, "Who is an expert on this product? And when can I speak with them?"


At The Home Depot, great results are not the exception, they happen every day.


And learning "How To" is the first step toward ensuring your success!

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