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Can a propane grill be converted to a natural gas grill?

 Can a propane grill be converted to a natural gas grill?

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Posted 2013-08-27T01:46:42+0000  by neen.ax1066 neen.ax1066




You would be best advised to ask the manufacturer of your grill. Many can be converted to run natural gas. It is mainly new jets that need to be installed. You will probably end up with a grill of a little less heating capacity, as natrual gas has less BTU's in it than petroleum based propane.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-27T02:47:05+0000  by ordjen

Greetings neen,


Welcome to the community, I get asked about gas conversion often in the store.


Just as ordjen suggests, first check with your grill manufacturer for the capability of your grill to be converted. 


The Home Depot sells a wide variety of conversion kits online, and instore:


I hope that this helps, and happy grilling!   Maureen

Posted 2013-08-27T12:33:49+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Hi neen,


There are some propane gas grills available at The Home Depot that are convertible to natural gas. However, most of our grills cannot be converted.


Weber grills are available in both kinds of fuel, but are not convertible. They need to be purchased as natural gas or as propane gas burning models.


Brinkmann and Char-Broil grills offer selected models that can be converted. The grills that can be converted will have the "Dual Fuel" insignia on the front of the grill. Grills without this insignia will not be convertible.


The orafice size will need to be increased as well as adjusting the amount of air flow into the burner for the conversion to be complete. Conversion kits include all of the hardware necessary to do this.


Gourmet Natural Gas Conversion Kit    Natural Gas Conversion Hose Kit


The conversion kit will list all of the grills that it will convert. If your grill is not listed, do not convert it.


The manufacturer is the only reliable source of information concerning fuel conversion. Read and follow all conversion instructions.


Let's be safe grillers.




Posted 2013-08-27T12:52:31+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Does the Home Depot have a consolidated listing of natural gas grills that the manufacturer has verified can be converted to liquid propane?  Propane grills that can be converted to natural gas and then back to propane would be acceptable as well.


Also, the Home Depot may want to consider adding a "dual fuel" search filter for your online shoppers.


Thanks in advance!

Posted 2013-08-28T01:55:25+0000  by CTYankeeinMS

Hio CTYankeeinMS,


Safety should always be our primary concern.


Switching the fuel on a grill can be dangerous, or it can cause a grill to perform poorly. 


If you connect a grill that is set up to burn Liquid Propane (LP) fuel to a Natural Gas line, it will burn anemically and will not heat properly.


If the grill is set up for Natural Gas and you connect it to LP Gas, it will be dangerous when the gas burns uncontrollably. has Natural Gas Grills here and Dual Fuel Grills here from our 2013 grill lineup. The choices will change somewhat every year as manufacturers make changes.


Thanks for asking, and welcome to the community!




Posted 2013-08-30T16:05:54+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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