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Ceiling Fan Flush Mount



I have an 8 foot bedroom ceiling. I removed the existing celing fan which was on a bracket with a ball type mount. Do I need to buy a flush mount ceiling fan or can I buy the one below and mount it flush as I hear most celing fans are dual mount. My previous fan was very old, wobbly and didn't have a light kit so I want to replace it with one that has the greatest chance of installing and running smoothly. Do I need a special flush mount adapter? Lastly, is the box wiring needed the same for a fan with a light and one without? Thanks for your help!

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Posted 2011-10-13T19:31:50+0000  by mred1 mred1

Hi there mred1, and welcome to our community! I am happy to report that the fan you linked to should work great with your 8 foot ceilings, and the wiring should be no problem at all. First things first, let me cover the installation using the fan as a flush mount. In this case you will be discarding the down-rod, and instead mounting the canopy directly to the fan motor housing. Once attached to the fan motor, the entire assembly will attach directly to the mounting bracket on the ceiling with a few screws (provided). I took the liberty of selecting the flush mounting steps out of the installation manual. For your convenience here is the link to the full installation guide.


Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Installation Guide.JPG


As far as the wiring goes, you should have no problem hooking up a standard home power supply (Black, White, and Green wires) to this fan, if for some reason your wiring is not consistent with the installation manual please just let us know and we will work up a solution for you!


Ceiling Fan Wiring Brookhurst.JPG



 Safety Note: Be sure to read and understand the entire instruction manual before attempting installation. Before working on any electrical circuit, shut off the circuit breaker to the circuit being worked on, mark the panel as “Being Serviced, Do Not Tamper!” and confirm that the circuit is dead by testing with a voltage detector at the box.


If you have any more questions, or need more help, please just ask! We are here to help!


I hope this helps!



Best Answer

Posted 2011-10-13T21:20:56+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Thanks so much, Blake! Ordered the fan! God Bless, Ed

Posted 2011-10-14T15:02:30+0000  by mred1

Hey I was curious to this very exact question.  Does this apply to most of the standard mount ceiling fans?  I am looking at a similar fan as the op ( Hampton Bay Larson 52 In) and have the exact conditions of a low 8' ceiling

i looked at the Installation instructions ( Install Insturctions)

In otherwords does that fan allow a flush mount and can u just discard the included down rod?

Posted 2011-10-19T14:15:12+0000  by Prophecy99

Hey Prophecy99, I’m glad you stumbled upon our community here! Unfortunately it looks like the Larson 52” is not flush mountable, and I think I know why. At the top of the motor housing there is a decorative piece that the down rod attaches to, it doesn’t appear that this part is threaded for flush mounting.  


Coupling Cover.jpg


But don’t fret Prophecy99, because there is another way! If you really like this fan and want to get it as close to the ceiling as possible you will need to cut the downrod to size. You can see in the pictures that from the factory, the downrod is longer than it needs to be to get the hanger-ball into the ceiling bracket.


Using a pipe cutter, or hacksaw you will need to cut an appropriate amount off the downrod; remember that the canopy must be on the fan when you hang it, so it cannot sit perfectly flush, you have to leave yourself a few inches of downrod. As at least an inch will be lost inside the fan motor mount, and another in the hanger-ball.  After the downrod is cut, you will need to cross drill a hole through the downrod to allow the hanger-ball pin to retain the fan. You will want to put the downrod in a vise for this job, and a drill press would be helpful if one is available.


Downrod Cuts.jpg 


My advice would be to measure carefully when undergoing this process, and err on the side of cutting too little, rather than too much. Although, we do sell extra down rods at the store, it would be nice if you didn’t have to make a return trip.



If you were able to remove 2 inches from the downrod, it would sit 80 inches from the ground at the lowest point on the fan. This should provide decent head room even for taller guests. If you have any more questions about this process please just let me know in a reply, I’d be happy to go into more detail for you!



Posted 2011-10-20T22:20:21+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Thanks alot for the reply... I may have to do this.. it doesnt seem that bad at all. cut it down and redrill a hole. My only question is in the picture the cutoff area it shows threads.. will that be an issue? or maybe that was a picture of a different rod.


I pretty much have filtered my shopping to -White, Energstar, With Light Kit, and Flush mount under $100 and that fan was the closest to that within in the home depot selection. 

Posted 2011-10-26T14:27:32+0000  by Prophecy99

Hey again Prophecy99, it’s great to hear from you again. That is a great question about the down rod threads. The beauty of this solution is that the threads are needed on one side of the rod which threads into the motor housing. However the connection that holds on the hangar-ball all you need is a hole for the retention pin, no threads needed!


You are right; it isn’t a terribly hard modification to do. The drilling can be made a lot easier by predrilling with a smaller drill bit as well. Just make sure you use some machining lubricant (3-IN-ONE oil would work fine for such a small job) and take care to keep your bit from overheating when drilling through steel.


Good luck with your new fan Prophecy99 let us know if we can help you with any more projects!



Posted 2011-10-27T20:23:35+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hey Blake?


I received the celing fan but was quite surprised it didn't come with any instructions. Is this by design? Not everyone has a printer handy. Y'all may be trying to save your paper and ink but it just looked bad for Home Depot. I know you sent me flush mount instructions and links which I appreciate but don't couldn't move my desktop to easily across the house to refer to it. I sent this email response to customer service...perhaps you would not mind addressing it please? The pressing issue I have is number 2 below also shown in Figure 11 you sent. My utility box is recessed and there is a popcorn ceiling so I have to shim the fan down enough so the canopy is flush with the ceiling. I juryrigged some rubber washers but they are wobbly. Do I need a bar or something else so I can stablize this before I proceed? Don't want to have to keep taking it down when I find out it is a wobbler later.Thank you!



Downloaded it....Thanks! Just wanted to suggest that it should be included with fan though as not everyone has a printer etc. .Also, downloaded version misses a few key points for the novice regarding flush mounting fan....if I may give some input please....not trying to be critical but this would have helped...If I misinterpreted the directions please let me know as this is my first ceiling fan install. Thx.

1) Didn't see instructions to remove crossbar or nuts inside fan motor assembly otherwise it obstructs hanging fan.

2) RE: Flush Mount Install, page 5, Item 3...

Secure hangar mount to ceiling bracket.....did that but there is a 1/2" to 3/4" recessed utility box therefore need some type of spacers so canopy can be mounted flush to ceiling. How do I "space it down" enough securely so it won't wobble? I used stacked rubber washers but it is still wobbly.

3.) Same page...Figure 8 instruction is vague and misleading where it says, "Be certain that canopy is fully locked into tab.This will allow you to make electrical connections". Can't figure out how if canopy is fully locked into tab then it has to be flush to celing and can't get to wiring it seems. Hanging canopy in screw hole allows it to dangle and wires are reachable. This was confusing. Maybe you can elaborate please?

Posted 2011-10-30T19:19:47+0000  by mred1

I purchased the Hampton Bay Cherokee ceiling fan.  On the box it shows that flush mount is an option, but there are no instructions on how to do this.  I look at other fan's instructions, but not have similar parts.  Do I need to cut the rod like mentioned above for the Larson? 



Jay Dugan

Posted 2011-11-24T06:11:47+0000  by futureman

When I tried to attach the fam moter to the hanger bracket, I noticed the hanger pin and cotter pin were preventing it from fitting. Since there is no need for the pin, I removed it and the fan motor fit. Then I screwed the canopy to the hanger bracket. I assume that is ok?

Posted 2011-12-23T17:59:56+0000  by rschrader121876

I purchased a Hampton Bay 52" Springview Ceiling fan and was told "in store" that it was suitable for flush mount.  There are no such instructions available and I can't seem to figure out how on earth it'd be installed flush.  Any advice???  Thanks in advance for your help!


Posted 2012-01-15T17:26:23+0000  by KLively
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