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Ceiling fan receiver replacement

We have a Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan purchased in April 2013.  The remote receiver will not function.   We verified that there is electric to the receiver located in a cover below the base.  The receiver has Model  MR77A stamped on it.

Where can we get a replacement?  Should we also purchase the remote so it matches.

Thank you


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Posted 2014-06-09T14:12:50+0000  by sail65 sail65
Hello sail65.  Welcome to the Community!

Since your fan should still be within warranty, I would contact our Hampton Bay Customer Service team at the number listed below:


Typically a receiver and remote come as a matched set, although one can sync a pair by setting the dip switches on both units to identical positions.  
Posted 2014-06-10T13:42:58+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
I just ordered the replacement part for MR77A.  You have to get the new remote as well.  I got the part from  It is ~$80.
Posted 2015-05-28T14:55:53+0000  by marktkiv
I too have the same issue.  This will be the second time the receiver has gone out in my fan.  I love this fan too.  When I call for a replacement last time the fan was just a little over a year old.  The Home Depot person I spoke with was able to pull up the receipt without any issues and order a replacement part.  The issue came when calling Hampton Bay directly to find out what the status on the part was.  The receiver went out in June or July and I didn't get the replacement until the end of October.  They were rude and saying I should have the receipt.  

Home Depot should carry this part in stock.
Posted 2015-07-19T18:53:18+0000  by jdkellum
Well, this trouble with receiver part #MR77A seems to happen a lot.  The part can be acquired through Home Depot customer service, where you will be transferred to a Hampton Bay rep.  The young lady I spoke with was very nice, professional and helpful.  Reference the Altura 68" ceiling fan, model #26668, SKU #904384, part #MR77A.  She advised me that there was a short back order of about 2 weeks.  Price quoted was $44.00 for the part.

In doing my internet research, sources for this part included,, and  I called all of these and ended up speaking with the same fellow.  Evidently this individual is of the opinion that he is pretty much the only game in town, and was decidedly unhelpful and rude.  The price quoted has increased from the above mentioned $80 and is now $110.00 plus shipping.  It may be a bit more of a wait, but I will opt for the $44.00 price.

My experience with this person was so bad that I will scrap the entire fan if necessary before ordering from his company(ies!).

I agree with the comment above about Home Depot her carrying this in either  in-store and/or on-line stock
Posted 2016-07-18T16:37:54+0000  by mcdocs
Have any been successful in receiving the MR77A part from Hampton Bay?  I have been waiting over two months for this backordered part.  Each time I call in they tell me it will be another couple of weeks.
Posted 2016-08-04T14:41:45+0000  by blevett
HI needed the illusive "MR77A" , a rep from Home Depot gave me the phone # 855-434-2678.  Hampton Bay Ceiling fan Home Depot. My fan was still under warranty, called the number on 8/6/16 and received the part on 8/12/16.  Happy Dance!  We decided since the fan was discontinued to call and purchase a spare.  That will cost $46.88 plus tax and shipping.  Also found out that the fan was discontinued because of the problem with "MR77A"  the new fan model # is 26668.  So if you are looking to totally replace the fan, but like the current one there is an option.  Hope this helps.  The customer care people I was in contact with were totally professional.  In fact I lost contact, my fault.. they called me right back.   

Hope this helps, cheers ya all!
Posted 2016-08-13T14:53:21+0000  by girlbiker
Can a different fan controller and remote be used on the Hampton Bay fan?
Posted 2016-11-24T15:31:27+0000  by Bharrisxx

You can buy the correct replacement at or 713-825-2376.

Some are selling what they call a replacement, but you must make fan modifications to make it fit. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, the capacitors in the replacement are 6uf + 6uf. Your MR77a uses 6uf + 9uf. So your fan will run much slower. Make sure that any replacement that you buy has 6uf +9uf.

Posted 2017-08-16T16:26:28+0000  by mjbjmjbj
I installed this fan very high (22' ceiling) to replace a fan that had been in place for 35 years (nothing wrong, just aesthetically out of date).  It cost several hundred dollars to have a professional come to my house and install it because it is so high and inaccessible.  It stopped working less than three years later and I again had to access it to discover that it is this receiver that is the problem - very annoying. I was under the impression that the fan was warranted for life, but was told only the motor and certain parts are covered, not the part that failed. I contested that because I can't tell if the motor is bad if it won't turn on without the use of MR77A. Home Depot/Hampton Bay is sending me the part and hopefully it is fixed. However, I need reliability. I never use the remote. I simply turn the fan on with a standard wall switch and leave it on 24/7 except when I go on vacation. Is there a way to direct wire without using the part that is obviously a weak point since I don't use its features? I run the fan at its lowest setting in reverse (blow upwards) and never need to change. Any ideas would be great. 
Posted 2018-04-13T16:34:15+0000  by SeattleJim
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