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Change light bulb on Hampton Bay 54-CVT fan

The light bulb finally flickered out so now I need to change the bulb.  I cannot figure out how to remove the glass bulb.  There are no screws in view to loosen and I've tried turning it couter clockwise.  I'm afraid to break the glass in my hands by twisting so hard.  Please help.  If you could provide some instructions or a link to the manual that would be great.

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Posted 2011-07-08T19:09:13+0000  by KreamKorn KreamKorn

Hi KreamKorn,


Thanks for your question, welcome to the community!


Judging by the model number you gave for the fan, I am assuming it is a 54" Covington ceiling fan in Gunstock, hopefully the one in the picture below...



The glass globe kits that are screwless in Hampton Bays, like your fan, usually have screws or bumps on the inside of the housing that hold the globe in. Generally speaking, I lightly press up on the light kit until the gap in the glass meets up the "bump" and it should come right off. Most globes by Hampton Bay are made this way, not by threads or screws.  Most often they usually come off with a quarter turn, but just lift up on the glass globe first and wiggle it in either direction to see if it will come off, and that should do this trick.


Hope this helps,



Posted 2011-07-09T14:44:21+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Yes that is my fan.


I tried pushing up on it but it doesn't budge at all.  I tried to turn it in either direction to wiggle it loose and nothing.  I'll keep trying, maybe one of these days it'll pop off.

Posted 2011-07-10T22:00:53+0000  by KreamKorn

Hello Kreamkorn,


It sounds like AboveaverageJoe is right on as far as most Hampton Bay light kits. But it doesn't seem to be working for yours.


The only other thing I would suggest is to get the UPC and model # from the top of the motor housing and call Hampton Bay Customer Service line to see if they have any helpful hints.


Here is the contact information for them.


I hope they can get your light shining again. Let us know what they say so we can all learn from your experience.


Looking forward to your response.


Posted 2011-07-15T16:02:55+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
Thanks a lot for the info. How do i remove the bulb inside the Hampton bay ceiling fan. I do have a similar fan based on the photo. Appreciate if you could let us know how to remove the bulb inside it.

Posted 2012-02-20T02:49:17+0000  by praveen_59s


I'm having the same problem with my fan. It is a: Windward IV 52 in. Brushed Nickel Indoor Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Model # 26613 Internet # 202670045 Store SKU # 458301.


I tried turning lije the instructions say and the dome just woulnt come down, tried to different direction to loosen and nothing, tried again and nothing... sudenly y could get the dome turning and had a sense of hope but just as I had a smile on my face for beeing able to get the dome out of the way I found out I broke one of the light bulbs so I got the sample and replaced the dome... I went to Home Depot to buy my new $8 dls EcoBulb and tried to remove the dome again... Couldnt belived what happend, same story and an other bulb broken. I am very mechanical inclined and I usualy to repairs at home I realy think there is a design failure and bulb gets stucked with the dome as you turn it to tight fix it in place so that when you try to remove it you will snap the bulb.


How do we ask for feedback about the issue with Hampton Bay?

Posted 2012-08-31T06:10:24+0000  by kunkos
sorry for all the typos... I just noticed I had many.
Posted 2012-08-31T06:12:49+0000  by kunkos

Hey kunkos.  Welcome to the Community!


I think that the best way to get feedback concerning the issues you are having would be to contact the Hampton Bay Customer Support Team as shown above in shecandoit22's post.  I will repeat the listing here for your convenience.


Customer Service.jpg


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-08-31T20:28:24+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hi, Where would i be able to buy the whole complete ceiling fan w/light kit, thanks.
Posted 2013-05-01T03:46:32+0000  by miguelgonzalez
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