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Changing a Light Switch in a mobile home


I need helping figuring out how to change out an old light switch in a mobile home with a new toggle switch, just the regular one that has the 3 screws you attach the wires to. 

Problem is, when I removed the old switch I noticed it is wired up weird. Or different from the new switch anyways. Instead of just having one set of 3 wires like most of the tutorials I have seen, it has 3 sets of 3 wires that are wired into this box. 

Trying to figure out how to fix this so that I can install the new switches. Will I need to install new electrical boxes (old work) and then wire nut the excess wires and just use 3 of them like the new switch is set up? If so, does it matter which set I use? Or do I need to do something different entirely? Any help would be appreciated!

Including an image of kind of what the box looks like, its one I found online. Only difference is mine has 3 sets of wires instead of the two shown in the picture. 
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Posted 2014-06-30T22:18:28+0000  by BritnyK BritnyK
I don't see three cables in your picture so I'm a little confused.  Based on the two cables, this is probably what you want to do.

Posted 2014-07-01T02:33:58+0000  by Adam444
Thanks for the response. But yes in my post I said that is a picture that I found online that looks like mine except that I have two sets of wires coming in from the bottom and 1 coming in from the top (instead of the 2 shown in the picture). Do you know how I would wire it in that case? Thanks!
Posted 2014-07-01T11:40:50+0000  by BritnyK
Hey BritnyK,

Thanks for joining us here on the community!

It gives us a better idea of what you are working with, so thanks for giving us an image.

However, I do understand your wiring configuration is different from the pic you found on the internet.

You will need an old work box (shown below) as you stated for the new switch to be housed safely in the wall.

You'll need to trace all 3 sets of wires leading to where the switch is/will go in order for you to determine how it can be wired safely.

Make sure the power is turned off beforehand to ensure you are working with unenergized wiring.

You most likely will need to inspect and view where the wires are going in the mobile home at the panel and other nearby devices as well.

Once you track down where the wires are going, you can then install the new switch. Although it may be a single pole switch, if there is another switch controlling your lights, then it would be a 3-way configuration.

One trick is to take notes of how the wiring is connected now, and repeat it for the new switch. You can either draw or take a picture of it, so the replacement will be easier.

Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2014-07-02T12:33:19+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
The above questions and answers have helped a lot, since we have the same issue. I am attaching photos of the switches we are going to replace. I have purchased the blue work box like you have shown above and 3 switches. Only 1 switch has gone bad but we are having to replace them all because of how they are grouped together. All 3 switches have 3 sets of 3 wires attached.
 I am wondering what the third set of wires is for, they seem to connect each box together, is this necessary? What purpose do they serve? Can I just omit them when I am connecting the new switches?

Thank you for your time.

Posted 2016-08-29T21:29:29+0000  by Brogdon

Here are the photos:

Posted 2016-08-29T21:31:30+0000  by Brogdon

only letting me attach 1 photo at a time.

Posted 2016-08-29T21:33:54+0000  by Brogdon

How would I wire up 3 black cables? Would I put 2 on one post?

Posted 2016-08-29T22:51:16+0000  by Brogdon
Hello Brogdon.

Yes, just like the old switch was wired.  The pair of blacks are power in, and pass through power out to the next part of the electrical circuit.  The single cable is the load.



Posted 2016-09-16T13:47:38+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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