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Checking paint formula

The folks that built our condo gave us the codes for the paint they used. I am unable to verify one of them, so hoping for a little help. The picture of the Behr paint can top with the colorant sticker says it is "{CM} CONNIFER RE-DO" in "PP EXTERIOR FLAT/FLAT, Matte." It says the Base was 4300 and the colorant code for a gallon was AXL 3 220, BL 4 372, DL 1 296, KXL 1 296. This is from back in 2014 and I know the systems/codes get tweaked periodically, so that these values might not apply today.

What confused me is that I cannot find a Behr color called "CONNIFER RE-DO." But I can find a color called simply CONIFER, and it looks like the same green.

I don't know if they did a custom mix for some reason, and what I can do to get the same color today for some touchup.

Thanks for your help. 
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Posted 2019-08-10T21:56:07+0000  by newsplexer newsplexer
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Greetings Newsplexer,

You are so right, formulas can change, machines are different and time can alter the color itself due to wear, weather and exposure to sunlight with exterior paint.

The one thing that is constant is the color match program, just bring a sample of the color you want to match your local Home Depot, an associate in the paint department will put the sample under the color match analyzer and mix the perfect match for you.The sample can be just a chip of paint, a shingle or anything else that you can remove easily.

Check out this site for instruction of downloading an app to your phone for a color match, yes it is just that easy!

It is great to have a can of paint on hand to do touchups and keep things looking fresh.


Posted 2019-08-15T12:37:28+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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