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Project Ideas: Customers Show Off

Christmas Ornament Trees

I just wanted to share my finished project..I had a blast doing it and I really think it came out beautiful.  Thank you for sharing this idea.project.jpg

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Posted 2011-12-03T01:54:55+0000  by saphire9170 saphire9170

We wanted to share our version of the Christmas Ornament Tree Project


Ornament Tree.jpg

Posted 2011-12-03T20:09:18+0000  by nightngalenurse

My husband and I immediately wanted to tackle this project. After about 5 to 6 hours, he and my father-in-law finished.


We love it, but it definitely took some time. We're trying to figure out how to store it without making a big tangled mess. Not sure we would do it again based on the amount of time, but it will be a great centerpiece for our Christmas party!




Posted 2011-12-14T16:23:55+0000  by Glover947

We also wanted to share our tree. It took us about 2 hours to do it. Our light wasn't the best for this and we ended up just tying some of the balls on rather then use hooks. We broke 2 with the hooks because they fell off.

Also the center was bugging us. We could not get the center balls to hang in a straight line and we wanted to fill in the middle. So I took 5 of the balls and drilled a very small hole in the bottom of them so I could run the line straight through all 5. The result was great.

If you are going to do this, I used a 1/16 drill bit and on slow. Be very careful not to apply to much pressure or the ball will break. Also make sure to keep your fingers in between the ball and the drill, CAREFULLY, so that when the bit goes through you don't smash into the ball with the drill. This will also break the ball, as I learned. It took me @ 30 mins to drill out all 5 balls and another 30 mins to string them all. But the result was great.

Just another suggestion.


Posted 2011-12-15T13:19:29+0000  by wheelman666


Opps - forgot to add the image - sorry



Merry Christmas2.jpg


From wheelman666

Posted 2011-12-15T13:27:16+0000  by wheelman666



My purple and silver tree!! I put bows and mini presents underneath!

Posted 2011-12-16T21:16:12+0000  by kdiguiseppe

Hello kdiguiseppe and welcome to The Community!  We are glad to have you join the forum.


Wow, that’s a really nice ornament tree! 

I really like the way you chose the silver and purple to go with the room as well.


It’s also a wow to see such a rich wall color.

That really sets off a formal look to this dining room.


Again, thanks for sharing,


Posted 2011-12-16T21:31:58+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Oh wow!~


I am thoroughly impressed by how well all of these turned out = ) We really do have a top notch crew of DIY'ers and decorators here!


Thank you very much to everyone who posted up their projects to share with the rest of the community. I hope they act as great centerpieces for all your holiday festivities and really wow any guests you have!~


I'm glad to see everyone had such an enjoyable time with the project.


Have a great holiday and a Merry Christmas = ) 


Posted 2011-12-22T15:43:03+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
I just want to thank homedepot and their store associate for all these great ideals home depot is the BEST happy holiday to each and every one thanks so much for making my christmas prettyer and brighter with all these great tricks
Posted 2012-11-09T04:35:38+0000  by joeandjennie

Hey there joeandjennie,


Welcome to the community!~


Thanks very much and I'm glad to you enjoyed this project and hopefully many of our others!~ We're looking forward to many more fun projects like this in the future, so we hope you'll stick around and enjoy them with us. And if you happen to create any, be sure to share them with us too!~ We'd love to see your creativity : D

Posted 2012-11-09T20:54:48+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Those are so pretty.

Did I miss how to make it. LOL Where do I find them?

Posted 2013-03-15T15:34:26+0000  by lorieo
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