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Christmas Tree Preservative

Tree Preservative.......keeping your fresh cut tree fresh!

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Douglas, Frasier or Balsam, whatever the variety you’re “Perfect Christmas Tree” is, it is your responsibility to keep it fresh!

The Home Depot offers you a fresh cut and a net bag at the time of your purchase. Take advantage of this service, a fresh cut, insures that your tree will take up water.  A fresh cut tree can drink up to one gallon of water within the first 24 hours that it is in your home. Add tree preservative , we sell pre-mixed tree preservative at the checkout of most Home Depot stores, buy it when you see it, it sells out quickly.


You can make gallons of your own tree preservative by adding one can of Sprite, or 7up, 4 tablespoons of bleach to a gallon of water. Label it “tree water” and keep it at room temperature. Never allow the water level to go below the trunk bottom, the sap will seal up, the ability of the tree to take up water will be gone, and you would have to give it a new cut. So check it every day, don’t let it dry out!


Tree stands have come a long way, gone are the days of the three legged stands, the kind that had a hard time standing empty, never mind with a 40lb tree in its grip. Home Depot has a great selection of tree stands, both in store and on line. The water reservoirs are generous, the base of the stands are grand and well supported by the weight of water.  We even have a tree stand that allows one person to successfully execute the act of putting up a tree! Leave the tree netting bag on until the tree is in the stand, this will make your life much easier, then you can clip it off and have “ta da” moment.


Place your tree in a spot away from heat sources; never put a fresh cut tree near a fireplace. A cool corner is the best place to keep your tree from drying out and dropping needles everywhere. Don’t forget your tree disposal bag; this too will make for less needles all over your home during the take down process.


 I heard a great tip from a customer, if you have a kitten or cat that thinks the Christmas tree is their new toy, or scratch post, just place fresh orange peels under the tree, cats don’t like the smell of citrus and they stay away.  For mischievous, dogs and puppies, a few perfectly placed jingle bells on the lower branches, will alert you that some shenanigans are about to begin!

Enjoy the aroma of a fresh cut tree in your home, delight in the season, and enjoy every memory making moment!



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Posted 2018-12-06T17:42:30+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Hi Maureen,

What a gracious response to a rather critical reply to your post. I think we need you in our P.R. department.

We'll see who's tree lasts the longest.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Best Answer

Posted 2018-12-20T22:01:00+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Not to quibble Maureen but the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association along with Professor of Horticulture Rick Bates of Penn State University say that plain water is the only thing that a fresh cut Christmas tree needs.  In fact, some commercial additives and home brews can actually be detrimental.

The most important thing homeowners can do is make sure there's a fresh cut on the bottom and that the tree gets plenty of water.  A cut tree can use upward of a quart of water per inch of trunk diameter per day!  That means a tree with a 4" trunk can suck up a gallon of water per day!
Posted 2018-12-06T22:16:01+0000  by Adam444

Thank you Adam.

You are so right the most important detail about keeping a fresh cut tree, fresh, is the water! A fresh cut to the trunk is first and foremost so the tree is able to drink up the water. I have a customer that drills right up into the bottom of the trunk as well to maximize the water up-take….it sounds logical?

To be honest who really knows what the most efficient way is, (I understand about the Penn tree growers and all)… I always give kudos to anyone that swears an aspirin, or sugar in the water or someone does just what their grandmother told them to do to keep the tree fresh…as long as they pay attention to the hydration and keep the tree away from any heat source to keep it fresh… that is the goal.  

I take note and share the suggestions, or in some respects the traditions, families have to preserve tree freshness. Lot of stories are shared in the lines that form while waiting to have Christmas trees cut at the Home Depot, I enjoy them all!

Thank you for responding to the tree preservative post, I always value your input!

Merry Christmas Adam.


Posted 2018-12-11T15:07:26+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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