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Cleaning your Rain Gutters


If you have not checked already, especially if you have trees on or around your property, get on a ladder and take a look at your rain gutters.  Even if you have, the Leaf Guard covers. 


The larger leaf trees can actually cover your rain gutters and all that water can pour over the top or your rain gutter drain.  Or, have a clog at the downspout opening and fill up your rain gutter and possibly cause damage to your rain gutters. The Wire Leaf Strainer can help.


We just had our first good rain here in SoCal.  I was climbing up and down my ladder getting all the leaves out of my rain gutters before the heavy rain that followed latter the same day.Do not wait until it rains to get up there and clean out those gutters! 


Here is a link to an earlier article I posted.


Cleaning your Rain Gutters



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Posted 2018-01-12T19:48:28+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC
Hi, I have needed to fix my gutters for the past few years, but ive neglected to do so. Now I noticed that about a 2' section of my fascia board has rotted and needs to be replaced as well. I live in a manufactured home and im sure you know, they aren't put together with the best matierial. The spot its in is about 15 feet from the corner. Can I just throw a couple miter cuts in the old fascia about a foot or 2 from the damaged area, at the joists and throw a new fascia board up there? Or is this gonna be a huge project? Got any tips or advice as to how I should go about it, or anything else I should be checking while im up there? From what I can tell from the ground, the joists look fine.
Posted 2018-02-14T12:00:54+0000  by bbone

Hi bbone.


Yes, you should be able to replace a portion of your fascia as long as you can blend it in well. As long as your joists are in good shape, you should be able to fasten the new fascia adequately.  It might be easier to just replace the whole length of fascia rather than taking the time to do the cuts needed to get the new piece to blend into your existing fascia. It depends on the amount of damage you discover when you start to pull the fascia apart.


Your job may turn out to be bigger than you first estimated.  If the wood has rotted, you may have an issue with moisture collection at your rain gutters.  It might be worthwhile to have a few estimates done to give you an idea of the actual damage that may be present.


 Even though we live in a mostly dry climate out here in California, moisture can collect on the fascia if edge has not been properly prepped.  If the flashing has not been installed properly, it can cause water to travel under your overhang and soak into your fascia board.  If it is termite damage, replacing the whole piece will be advantageous.


Please share with us your project and take pictures of your progress.  I am sure our Community members would like to see your progress.


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2018-02-27T23:40:51+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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