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Customer Care

Commendation letter

I purchased a lamp at the Hialeah, Florida store on 08/29 and when I opened the box an entire bulb was broken. I had already installed most of the lamp and went to the store. I was met with unwillingness to help and told that I had broken the bulb of a $200.00 lamp and it was my problem. I asked for a supervisor and the first one, Gema told us she would take care of us and apologized for the employees behavior and we never saw her again. After two hours of being ignored we found Annabel who not only helped us but also took care of an injury caused by the broken glass of the lamp on my husband and looked for the lamp that was not in stock. She then told us that 4 would arrive on the 13 of September and she would replace the broken bulb. The 13th came and she called and we took the broken lamp bulb and were met by Leslie who was another pleasure to deal with. Between the both of them and their customer care they restored the bad taste in the mouth I had from dealing with multiple unhelpful employees. Thank you Anabel and Leslie for your outstanding customer service. I will continue doing business with Home  Depot as I have for over 20 years. Orlando Ramos Perna. 
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Posted 2020-09-15T21:36:45+0000  by Ramo Ramo
Hello Ramo, and welcome to the Community!

All of the employees are working very hard to serve you and your needs and be safe at the same time during this pandemic. Since you made a purchase at that Home Depot and you still have your receipt, you can go online to fill out a survey about that store or a employee that helped you. At the bottom of your receipt you will find USER ID & PASSWORD (see picture below), that info needs to be entered at a website and input the info they are asking for and at some point you can enter the name of the persons that helped you. 


Posted 2020-09-17T13:45:06+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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