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I managed to purchase some shelves that weren’t what I had been tasked to get (not deep enough). I noticed the difference between the two sets as I was loading into my car. I immediately brought the two wrong sized ones back. After waiting in a lengthy return line (outside for most of it because of social distancing) I was helped by employee Wheezie at my local Ranson WV Home Depot. Each and every one of the customer care associates asked Wheezie questions and for help. She never missed a beat! She helped everyone and me as quickly and professionally as I’ve ever seen. She was so amazing and all with a smile. I immediately felt better about my mistake and even the time spent waiting in line was worth it to have met such a wonderful woman. What knowledge she had! Please pass on my appreciation and share my experience with whomever needs to see. It’s easy during these hard times to focus only on negative interactions but I wanted to reach out with a positive! 
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Posted 2020-05-19T21:10:30+0000  by Tishara Tishara
Hello Tishara, and welcome to the Community!

All of the employees are working very hard to serve your needs and be safe at the same time during this pandemic. Since you made a purchase at that Home Depot, hopefully you still have your receipt, you can go online to fill out a survey about that store or a employee that helped you. At the bottom of your receipt you will find USER ID & PASSWORD (see picture below), that info needs to be entered at a website and input the info they are asking for and at some point you can enter the name of the persons that helped you. 

Be safe & healthy
Posted 2020-05-21T12:29:52+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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