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Computer Science Student requesting help with accessing your Product API for a project.


  I am a student at Fullstack Academy, a top-rated software engineering bootcamp in the US. I am currently studying at the Chicago campus. As part of the curriculum we are tasked with coming up with, and creating our own projects which implement the technologies we have recently learned. I want to create an application that calculates and maps the most efficient shopping route through a Home Depot store given an online cart containing items that are in-stock at the customer's chosen store. In order to accomplish this, I could use a technique called 'scraping' to acquire all the data from the website, but that solution would make my application pretty slow. A much faster solution would be to access information using the an API. I have seen mention of Home Depot offering limited access to 3 APIs including Store Search, Products, and Catalog... however you need login credentials to access the resources. Is it possible for someone like myself to be granted limited access to API's for the purpose of creating an academic project? 

Thank you,
-TL Long
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Posted 2020-02-21T19:36:46+0000  by tllong tllong
While your project sounds interesting, I strongly suspect that Home Depot won’t give you the API for security and privacy reasons.  But that’s just a guess and I don’t work for the Home Depot nor represent them in any way.

I’ll also let you in on a little secret, NO retailer wants you to find want you want quickly.  The simple reality is that the longer you spend in a store, the more likely you are to spend more money.  There’s an amazing amount of psychology that goes into the lay out of a store, how items are merchandised, and even the role signage plays.  Not that this applies so much to Home Depot but ever wonder why at the grocery store the higher margin store brand is typically to the right of the national brand?  That’s because most people are right handed...
Posted 2020-02-22T17:17:40+0000  by Adam444
Hi tilong,

Adam444 is correct, data such as you are requesting is proprietary and much time and effect has gone into generating it. The competition in retailing is keen and every retailer goes to great lengths to guard their data.

Best of luck with your project.

Posted 2020-02-24T20:46:59+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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