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Project Ideas: Outdoor Living

Construct snowblower ramp to go on top of outdoor concrete landscaping steps

I wish to build a ramp that would permit me to safely walk my snowblower up and down a set of outside steps.  The steps are constructed using large pavers.  I am considering two options.  Option 1:  construct two ramps that would be installed at the ends of each step so that the ramp would fit the width of the tires only.  This could permit me to push the snowblower up the ramp while leaving an open space in the middle for me to walk up the existing pavers.  Option 2:  construct one ramp with raised treads.  This ramp would be the width of the steps and would be installed only during winter months.  Thanks!!!
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Posted 2018-09-12T11:55:39+0000  by Giz Giz

Hi Giz,

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It appears (great picture, by the way) that your steps are not much wider than a typical snow blower, and that presents a challenge if you wish to have both a ramp and stairs.

I'm thinking that a portable ramp could easily span these steps and give you the access that you need. Some versions of these ramps can fold, so storage is easy and they can be used elsewhere. 


You can remove these ramps when not in use, or move them to the side of the steps to give limited access, or even stack the ramps on top of one another to gain more access to the steps.

There are many different ramps that could help you to move your snow blower to where you need it.

Find ramps here:

Thanks for asking,


Posted 2018-09-12T16:42:17+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
Thanks Travis!!!
Posted 2018-10-07T14:52:49+0000  by Giz
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