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Container Garden

Container Garden Recipe:

Create a beautiful container garden with our easy to follow step by step guide found in your local Home Depot store.

Video 184 0 00 03-05.jpg 

Enjoy the following video demonstration, see just how easy it is to combine, color, flowers, and texture to compose a masterpiece of your own.


Determine the placement of your containers, choose plants that are right for that light requirement. Let tones and texture inspire you!


Video 180 0 00 05-41.jpg

Select your containers make a statement, your planters are your pallet, they are the element in which you will create your living showpiece.


Video 164 0 00 16-24.jpg

Gather all your ingredients such as potting soil, plants, fertilizer and don't forget to read all th labels, follow your guidelines, for best results.

Miracle Gro Moisture Control Soil.jpg 

Combining evergreen shrubs,perennials,tropicals and annuals, will result in year round beauty and interest, to your gorgeous containers.

Video 187 0 00 37-20.jpgVideo 187 0 00 08-24.jpgVideo 172 0 00 07-06.jpg 

Stop by your local Home Depot, consult with  your resident Certified Nursery Consultant or visit us at if you have any questions or suggestions on container garden.


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Posted 2012-02-21T15:44:38+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS

At the moment, my PC has a rather limited ability with graphics...which precludes my acessing videos.


Is there a PDF available for this projectt??


Thank you: smileyhappy:

Posted 2012-04-25T20:26:00+0000  by scot_belle
I wish I watched this video before starting my balcony garden :(

I went a little schizophrenic going from aesthetics to edible to random clippings that stayed alive, had a big die off b/c my balcony gets 1-2 hour of direct sun, mostly shade.


Don't know if I can do image tags so here's my journal:
Posted 2012-05-23T15:02:45+0000  by epiphyte

For Non-toxic and Voc Free protection on wood planters you can use Lumber-Seal(Available on Works great on the interior and the exterior of the box!


Posted 2012-07-30T18:48:21+0000  by GreenOptions

Hey GreenOptions.


For anyone interested in finding the above product, the easiest way is to use the "Search All" box option at the top of any page.  Simply type in TriCoPolymer and hit the enter/return key.  See the picture below:




I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-07-31T19:27:36+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Thanks NEWF!

Posted 2012-07-31T22:29:01+0000  by GreenOptions

Like your project. Amazed to see planting flower plants in containers is not very difficult. Can I grow vegetables in containers too? Is it like planting frowers or different from this?

Posted 2013-03-19T16:24:23+0000  by belmanliving
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